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  • Deb's Desk: Destination Celebration

    Escúchame, chicas. Tengo que decir una cosa.

    Brenda, much like our own DWJ, is a force of magnetic-rock-nature (this geological terminology will make more sense shortly)."But, Who is Brenda??" you're probably wondering. Brenda is Deb's extremely cool friend. “But, why ~Ibitha~?” you ask. Well, Brenda and her betrothed, Gilles, have a vacation home there, and we're going to go visit them (thank you, Brenda). Perhaps you associated the exotic island with EDM music festivals lasting until sunrise and that one Mike Posner song. Holy buckets, even the thought of it makes me sleepy. No te preocupes, dear reader. There is so, so much more to this magical, Mediterranean mass of rose quartz.

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  • Travel Guide: Portugal

    The Rebecca Sanders Wormhole of Envy (brought to you by Deb & Ben Johns trip to Portugal):

    Sunbathing, beaches, fruity drinks, fancy drinks, cold drinks, cold fish, hot lobsters, croquettes, big old baguettes, cool people, jamón serrano, beautiful people, crystal waters, hand-painted tiles, fishnet ceilings, mythological sculptures, rocky coasts, la vida loca, romance, culture, billowing linen, fish, art, antiquity, nostalgia, white sand, Siglo de Oro

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  • Behind the Design: Chalk Back

    Fall is here, hear the yell
    Back to school, ring the bell
    Brand new shoes, walking blues
    Climb the fence, books and pens
    I can tell that we are gonna be friends

    Walk with me, Suzy Lee
    Through the park and by the tree
    We will rest upon the ground
    And look at all the bugs we found
    Safely walk to school without a sound...

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  • Deb's Desk: Summer Fashion

    Hey, style child.

    Summer is a great time to experiment with patterns, new cocktail recipes, and going on blind dates. Today, we’ll be focusing on the new patterns part. Since it’s 9 million degrees out there, everyone is legally authorized to shed their pelts and show a little more skin. It’s the perfect time to dust off your pile of patterns now that they won’t read as dramatic or overbearing. So, Deb selected three, popular patterns for summer that are really easy to mix and match without looking like you got dressed in the pitch black of the witching hour. But, before you mix, you’ve got to stop, collaborate, and listen to DWJ's guide to florals, dots, and stripes.

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  • Behind the Design: Coral Patterns

    Hip Hip.
    Hip Hip.
    Hip Hip.

    When you're on a holiday
    You can’t find the words to say
    All the things that come to you
    And I wanna feel it too
    On an island in the sun
    We’ll be playing and having fun
    And it makes me feel so fine
    I can’t control my brain
    We'll run away together
    We'll spend some time forever
    We'll never feel bad anymore...

    Hip Hip.

    -Weezer on our new coral prints for Spring/Summer 2018

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  • Travel Guide: Portland, Maine

    When a destination photo shoot comes a-knockin', ya answer. Rummage through your storage, pull out those Bean boots that highlight your calves just so, and charter the closest moose. Portland, Maine is the obvious choice when you’ve got to shoot the Fall/Winter 2018 Collection featuring a gourmet market story. With a Köppen climate, ample artisanal grocery stores, and the return of one of our top models, Shakara Pittman, you can’t possibly go wrong…Right?

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  • What's in the Bag: Fit Kit

    Okay, ladies, we all know “wellness” isn’t just about barre-lates-crank-core-blast-regimen-detox. Wellness can include binge-watching West World while you knit a shawl or bake a fabulous, tomato cheddar pie. Wellness can even be as simple as showering regularly or getting the mail from the mailbox. Wellness is also going for a long run, cranking strong female vocalists, and generating so many endorphins your soul briefly leaves your body and flies to heaven. Regardless of flying logistics, we at SCOUT HQ want to give you a vehicle that transports your wellness tools wherever life takes you. So, sit back in child’s pose, crack open an ice cold kombucha, and inhale SCOUT’s latest What’s in the Bag: the Fit Kit (you're welcome for the sneak peak of Fall 2018 patterns).

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  • Behind the Design: Dot Pérignon

    We’re flying first class
    (Up in the sky)
    Popping champagne
    (Living my life)
    In the fast lane
    (And I won't change)
    -Fergie, SCOUT Bags enthusiast & former member of the Black Eyed Peas

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  • Travel Guide: Savannah + Sewanee

    Shout out to all my G.R.I.T.S.

    Every mile is a memory when you’re in God's country (the south). This May, Deb and I have been compiling our own savory, southern narratives during our respective trips to Savannah, Georgia, and Sewanee, Tennessee. While Deb was on a midnight train to Georgia for a wedding, I headed to my Southern comfort zone and alma mater, the University of the South, for my little brother’s graduation. Lord, we were born ramblin’ women and are back in the District with a southern state of mind (and a little bit chicken fried). So, why don’t y’all giddy up, giddy up and get gone with the wind with us!

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  • What's in the Bag: Glam Squad

    Cockadoodle doo!

    Time to wake up and smell the wet, hot garbage. Summer is coming in hotsy totsy, Washington. So, gird your face wipes, baby powder, and Evian spray, because it's about to get real hot and sticky up in the Swamp. If you’re an average gal who starts dumping sweat the moment the temperature breaks 60 degrees, like me, then you’re also plagued with the looming anxiety of staying relatively “fresh” over the course of the next 4 months...

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