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  • Deb's Desk: Party Prep

    Visualization is, quite literally, what dreams are made of and can be an incredibly useful and entertaining tool, especially when planning a celebration of your own. First we visualize, then we start preparing. And, if there’s anyone who knows how to turn party dreams into realities, it’s lil’ Deb Waterman Johns. She’s hot off the party planning skillet after hosting the 14th Annual Go Bo! rager at her home in Georgetown last weekend. Trust me y'all, hosting is a habit, so you're gonna wanna get like Deb.

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  • What's in the Bag: Tucker & Gibson

    Give me “The Rachel.” I’ll have an Arnold Palmer. We’ll take a carafe of Shirley Temple. What if you were so fabulous, so charismatic, and special, a refreshing beverage or cute haircut was named after you? It would be super flattering, of course, to be immortalized by your own name. That’s when you know you’ve really made it or “peaked,” as the kids say. If you’ve met any of the 4 prodigal Johns, then you totally get why this Family Assortment is flying off the shelves. It’s high time y’all heard it straight from the horsies mouths and find out what they’ve got in those water resistant, canvas saddle bags of theirs.

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  • Deb's Desk: Dorm Decor

    I’ve never had a “cool room.” Growing up in my Family Home, I wasn’t allowed to tape posters to the walls of my bedroom. My mother said the Scotch tape would make the paint peel and posters were distracting. My bed linens were ivory and beige. Honestly, my room looked like that of a Colonial chambermaid. For example, my dresser was from my grandmother’s collection of glossy, cherry and walnut pieces I didn’t appreciate at the time. I nearly destroyed the varnish when I spilled a bottle of nail polish remover while playing “beauty parlor” one afternoon. Still to this day, at the ripe(ish) age of 26, I keep my room relatively stark with the exception of my pink elephant duvet. All this said domicile decor shouldn't be like this. “Cool,” and practical are not, in fact, mutually exclusive when you have Deb Johns at the helm.

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  • Travel Guide: Sales Managers on the Road

    Okay, now ladies…


    You know you’re rad…


    Don’t need no man, got your own bands, put up your hands…

    Apologies for the slightly impulsive introduction. We’re serving up all kinds of empowerment and retail fabulosity in this “Business Woman Special,” and a little roll call felt highly necessary.

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  • Behind the Design: New Woven Tote

    Mr. McGuire: I want to say one word to you. Just one word.

    Benjamin: Yes, sir.

    Mr. McGuire: Are you listening?

    Benjamin: Yes, I am.

    Mr. McGuire: Plastics.

    Benjamin: Exactly how do you mean?

    Mr. McGuire: There's a great future in plastics. Think about it. Will you think about it?

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  • What's in the Bag: Eloise & Madeline

    We love our funky iPhone cases, vibrant water bottles, and special sleeves for tablets and laptops. These are the little treasures that make the humdrum, the daily grind, the hustle, if you will, slightly more special. We are people, and we love our stuff. As a millennial (Hi, my name is Rebecca, and I’m a millennial woman), I’ll admit I especially adore my workaday accouterments. There are few things sweeter than a fresh Moleskin notebook with 120+ pages, soon to be soaked in scrawlings of my thoughts, dreams, feelies, and bleak grocery lists. Creature comforts like these are what make #desklife and #sweatlife aka #swamplife feel a little more dignified, a little more special. There's something oddly comforting about modifying these utterly ordinary “necessities” of ours. This version of redecorating, or modification with a little flair, is a key actor in the polypropylene heartbeat of our SCOUT Bags body. This is to say that, even if it's down to the last, dusty brown bag, we'll find a way to "celebrate life's colorful adventures," by Jove. Now, who’s ready to talk lunchboxes?

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  • What's in the Bag: the Stowaway

    Whether you’re living in a big city-swamp, the burbs, or the boonies, ladies need someone to have their back. Who are the ladies? Obvi, we’re the ladies. You need someone to hold all your junk while you’re getting after it, OR fold itself into a pocket square and fade into the forever midnight when it’s not wanted. So, get you a bag—pardon, a backpack, that can do both!

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  • Deb's Desk: Destination Celebration

    Escúchame, chicas. Tengo que decir una cosa.

    Brenda, much like our own DWJ, is a force of magnetic-rock-nature (this geological terminology will make more sense shortly)."But, Who is Brenda??" you're probably wondering. Brenda is Deb's extremely cool friend. “But, why ~Ibitha~?” you ask. Well, Brenda and her betrothed, Gilles, have a vacation home there, and we're going to go visit them (thank you, Brenda). Perhaps you associated the exotic island with EDM music festivals lasting until sunrise and that one Mike Posner song. Holy buckets, even the thought of it makes me sleepy. No te preocupes, dear reader. There is so, so much more to this magical, Mediterranean mass of rose quartz.

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  • Travel Guide: Portugal

    The Rebecca Sanders Wormhole of Envy (brought to you by Deb & Ben Johns trip to Portugal):

    Sunbathing, beaches, fruity drinks, fancy drinks, cold drinks, cold fish, hot lobsters, croquettes, big old baguettes, cool people, jamón serrano, beautiful people, crystal waters, hand-painted tiles, fishnet ceilings, mythological sculptures, rocky coasts, la vida loca, romance, culture, billowing linen, fish, art, antiquity, nostalgia, white sand, Siglo de Oro

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  • Behind the Design: Chalk Back

    Fall is here, hear the yell
    Back to school, ring the bell
    Brand new shoes, walking blues
    Climb the fence, books and pens
    I can tell that we are gonna be friends

    Walk with me, Suzy Lee
    Through the park and by the tree
    We will rest upon the ground
    And look at all the bugs we found
    Safely walk to school without a sound...

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