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On the road in Charlottesville, VA

It’s a challenge to shoot fall images when it's 95 degrees and humid… but, we braved the heat and got it done. We wanted to convey campus life, travel, entertaining, and outdoor activities for fall and Charlottesville gave us all of this and more!

We shot our collegiate scenes at University of Virginia with a gang of college students as our models. Eliza and her UVA friends braved the sweltering heat as we created a tailgate on the soccer field. Fall fashion layers were photographed with record speed and we love the festive, autumnal feeling we got for our fall catalog. How cool to see all of the SCOUT tailgate essentials in use?!

Becky Quinn, owner of DC-based BQ Granola, treated us to an unparalleled guest experience at her home in Charlottesville. Her breakfast spreads were sumptuous and her hospitality top notch. We loved shooting with her trio of dogs, TJ, Sammy & Neville, and her home offered the ideal backdrop for our fall SCOUT line to shine!

Pippin Hill became our "vineyard-meets-Blue-Ridge-Mountain backdrop" and was an ideal setting for an alfresco wine tasting soiree for bloggers and press from Richmond and Charlottesville. Hydrangeas and wildflowers embellished the contemporary barn inspired compound that is Pippin Hill. The wine & the locally-inspired bites were memorable.


The Juice Laundry just opened in the heart of this college town! The space is refreshingly sparse yet inviting, and the blended juices taste great, cooled us down, and fueled our afternoon energy.

We loved our time on the UVA campus and in town and know that the future in this special spot is very bright.


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