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Nautical and National Pride

Scout by Bungalow navy and white paisley tote Navy JonesIn preparation for spring, to some, Europeans may have played it a little 'safe' with the navy and white color story displayed in so many store windows... quite the contrary! As you can see in the variety of ensembles, accessories, (and one garage door!) below, the fun part of European style echoes in yet another baseline color combination, navy & white: look for accent colors here, such as red, silver, and black.

Scout by Bungalow chains navy and white suitScout by Bungalow navy and white outfitScout by Bungalow navy white black
















At left, chain mail decorates a navy and white tweed jacket that's paired with navy trousers for a tailored transition; second from left, a crisp white jacket hugs the upper body and contrasts perfectly with the volume of the navy pants; third from left is a more 'experimental' look: there is not only navy and white, but different shades of navy!

Scout by Bungalow Mini Deano tote bag navy red white...Women of the world who 'live by the rules', opt not for navy and white but instead, choose a navy, white, and darker navy combination: the clean look of this darker navy and white striped jacket presents a youthful and hip interpretation of the otherwise exclusive 'navy-navy and white' color story. Shades of navy, and also, shades of denim, create an updated take on this style of dress; in this case, denim acts as the 'equalizer' or 'connection' between navy and white.

Next up, we love the nautical look of navy and white with red. For a thoroughly contemporary palette, wear navy and white stripes, or choose Union Jack: this symbol is a critical motif that is slightly irrevent and certainly prophetic, one that a number of designers have interpreted in unique ways.

Scout by Bungalow navy and white striped tote bag

Scout by Bungalow navy handbag blue purse

Scout by Bungalow silver bag red purse blue sandal

Readers and fashionistas, dare to pair your navy, your white, and your red with SCOUT's NEW Brittany's Stripe and Navy Jones patterns, on the web and in stores SOON! We've designed some of our spring totes with blue trim and some with red trim to try and fit the lifestyle of any and all SCOUT customers. Enjoy!Scout by Bungalow red white blue Union Jack symbol

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