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Multicolor Story for a 'Pastry-Themed' Bridal Shower

Bridal showers are always fun, so dressing for this occasion should be much less stressful than dressing for its subsequent counterpart (the wedding!) and therefore demand more from your creative side... this is why we love the idea of a 'pastry theme' paired with a multicolor dress code!

DRESS OPTIONS (SO YOU CAN TOTE OUT YOUR SCOUT IN STYLE!): like spring, wedding season has sprung, so what better way to celebrate the multitude of colors currently set to re-style tree branches and gardens than by re-styling your wardrobe! Leave the patterns to SCOUT and shoes, this time, and opt for a bold hue when attending a 'pastry themed' bridal shower... your sophisticated edge will no doubt assert your 'spring siren' influences!  














SHOE OPTIONS: thanks to creative minds behind the shoes designs of Betty Mueller, Manolo Blahnik and Kate Spade, you needn't look further than a nearby department store to try your most colorful and spring-inspired options... we suggest Barneys, Nieman Marcus, or Saks Fifth Avenue for crafty displays in a variety of color stories that showcase spring's heels, pumps, slingbacks, wedges, platforms, sandals and flats. In the shoes below, the key ingredient is smaller details, such as the bow on Mueller's kitten heel, the broach-effect on Blahnik's heel, or the stripes on Spade's pump.


















FOOD 'NETWORKING' FOR THE GOODIE BAG: we find that one of the most fun parts about being a guest at a ladies luncheon (in this case, a bridal shower) is seeing what your hosts or hostesses have picked for you to tote out the door. Perhaps they'll use SCOUT's Goodie Bag in multicolor pattern 'LSDaisley', and gift you with pastry's chief resident, the cupcake! We love Ina Garten's Barefoot Contessa Cupcake Mix, as well as NY Cake's decorative dresser-uppers, including your very own diamond ring topper and vibrant hues in sanding sugars. The standing ovation for this goodie bag idea goes to a cake stand from Fish's Eddy, in a sleek design that will continue to support your sweet tooth!

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