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Mother's Day Prep, Day 4: For the 'Animal Lover' Mom

For the pet fanatic who wears functional clothes with a twist... for the one who lets dogs up on her furniture (how else do you gain an armrest when reading?)... for the one whose kitchen or mud room has a cabinet exclusively for her pet's treats... and another for meals & meds... Here's to you, animal lover mom!


HER INSPIRATION, PERHAPS: the top billing in the animal lover, designer, & mom category is awarded to Stella McCartney, whose vegan line of shoes has been recognized by Peta and fashionistas alike, bravo Stella! in addition to strutting in Stella's pet-friendly shoes, we think your mom might wear more 'flexible' cuts and comfortable fabrics by brands like, from left to right, Madewell, Da-Nang or James Perse; each piece below is thoroughly stylish yet no-fuss... if your mom gets any pet smooches or a generous amount of hair on her Perse poncho, it's no big deal! to the laundry cycle they go, there's no need for dry cleaning...

























GIFTS SHE MIGHT LIKE: this should say, gifts your mom and your dog might like (sorry, cat people, Yo Deb's gotta rep the SCOUT brand's namesake breed!)... because we're featuring SCOUT's Pocket Rocket, what better way to entice your dog for a park trip than with Penn's pink tennis balls, several canisters of which fit easily into the pockets of the above tote! Barkology's 'Sleeps with Dogs' shirt is the perfect running or nighttime shirt; Fetch Dog's 'Pup Art' mats are great in mud rooms (though don't be suprised if you have a diva dachshund who doesn't want to tread on his or her own face, just sayin'); George's chic dog tag with the favorite expression "it's a dog's life" is too good to pass up as a paired gift with our Pocket Rocket pattern!

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