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Mother's Day Gift Prep, Day 3: For the 'Creative Mom'

For the one who consistently creates new looks with items already in her closet... for the one who has always worn white before, during, and after Labor Day... for the one who is often on the go and stands by great coffee or espresso to get her through each day's hustle... Here's to you, creative mom!


HER INSPIRATION, PERHAPS: for this gift inspirational segment, we're highlighting designer Eileen Fisher, a designer & mom who consistently recreates her previous collections with new color and structure adaptations... as you can see in the picture from her web site, below right, Fisher carries around the creative mom's "staple", a notebook; flanking Fisher are looks from other like-minded style setters... from left to right, Elizabeth & James, Tracy Reece, and Catherine Malandrino; for all the creative goodies you plan to gift come Sunday, use and have your mom reuse Scout's Bagette Bag in LSDaisley!



GIFTS SHE MIGHT LIKE: amidst your mom's creative colorwaves inside and outside of her home, it will be thoughtful to give her something in crisp, clean white, the perfect backdrop for all the patterns she picks in her day to day life... cue Jonathan Adler's web site for the ideal creative & contemporary gift! we've chosen a pottery piece from his Utopia collection, a pair of mermaid vases; for great coffee and coffee accessories, visit Intelligentsia's site; for handmade, unique tableware, choose from any of the fine pieces featured on SueFisherKing.com

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