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Meet the Mom's of SCOUT HQ

We're gearing up for Mother's Day here at headquarters and we wanted to take a moment to introduce some of our moms and the SCOUT bags they can't live without.

abbyand mom

I have a few favorites! First, the Weekender, I currently own two. They are just perfect for your weekend getaway. Along with the Packin’ Heat you are all set to go. Second, the BJ Bag is perfect for an on the road sales person. I could fit everything in one bag and keep it in the front seat next to me. I love all of the different pockets for business cars, staples, etc. The best thing is you can zip it up and no one knows what’s inside.

Ally Mickelson

abby products

Weekender | Packin' Heat | BJ Bag

deb and mom 2 Deb (on the right) with her mom!

Pat's bag of choice? The Mini Deano and the Original Deano. Who doesn't love a classic?!

deb products

Shop the Mini Deano and the Original Deano.


sally and mom

My mom, Anne, is a clutch freak and LOVES her Golden Girls Grande. It fits her giant phone, her janitor-style keys, 2 lip glosses, her packed wallet, and sunglasses, and the typical mom handkerchief. It’s insane how much she fits in this thing! It’s the Mary Poppins of clutches. My mom particularly loves how easy the shape is to carry. She and a local SCOUT retailer/friend are constantly raving about this size and selling tons of women on it. (The retailer being Judy from Periwinkle, who also loves her GGG.)

sally products

Want to be cool like Anne? Shop the Golden Girls Grande.

laura and mom

My mom, Susan's, favorite bag is the Uptown Girl - she’s an elementary school secretary and uses it as her work bag. I have seen her work bags through the years and let me tell you, they’re usually overflowing! With the Uptown Girl, she’s organized and is quite the trendsetter around Laytonsville Elementary School.

laura products

Want to be a trendsetter like Susan? Shop all the patterns of the Uptown Girl!

megan and mom

My mom, Ann, loves the Pocket Rocket. She uses it when she plays tennis because it easily fits her racket and anything else she needs on and off the court.

megan products

Shop Pocket Rockets.

From all of us here at HQ, a Happy Mother's Day to you and yours!


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