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More SoHo Spots You Can't Miss

Isabel Marant @ 469 Broome Street: First U.S. flagship, a stylish tribute to this French gamine…Shades of neutral abound in this ultra hip space.

IF @ 94 Grand Street: Good things never die, they’re just reinvented. This former West Broadway designer collective is now relocated on Grand Street. Edgy, hip, and expensive, highly inspirational, and very SoHo.

Café Café @ 470 Broome Street: Another healthy option with the entrance on Greene Street. Features breakfast and lunch options with Mexican to French and Italian influences.

Limelight Marketplace recently opened in a space that has been repurposed numerous times…First a neighborhood Church in Chelsea, then in the 80s and 90s, a club, and now a chic shopping destination. Reformatting our idea of (a mall)…

…Some of our favorite shops inside include...

Brocade: Ultra “brocante” revamped in white lacquer to silver finishes displaying a range of foil wallpapers to baroque mirrors, chairs, and tables.

Hunter Boots displayed in a big way for children and adults in every color of the rainbow. We learned that the oxidizing of the boot is a normal process called “blooming” (almost the way we expect Cashmere to pill). Hunter is coming out with a scrubbing agent to remove the bloomage for those who don’t like the vintage look.

Wanna Hava Cookie: A spot that features red velvet to chocolate “woopie pies” scaled down. These muffin/cookie creations can be shipped anywhere in the country or eaten before you leave Limelight.

Maris: Single bite sensations that resemble specialty brownies. Don’t leave without trying the salty caramel or the piquant pepper infused chocolate brownies. Packaged beautifully in bright orange boxes, the perfect gift to ship or take away.

Lulus: Features three boutiques offering Ralph Lauren exaggerated logo wear to Superdry Japanese preppy wear to other contemporary casual designers.

Alexander West, Havianias, and Petrossian also have shops...

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