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Milan: Our Favorite Stores & Designers

fashion designer marnitoy watchfashion house etro

SHOPPING, OUTLETS: two outlets located in the middle of Milan are Etro and Marni… both worth the trip:

the Marni outlet looks like a low-rise apartment building from the outside, but inside, is filled with boutique-quality displays of seasonal Marni merchandise at great prices, located at Via Tajani 1, 39 02 70009735;

Etro features mens- and womenswear, as well as home furnishings, items, and fabrics—never a disappointment, and goes by the name of OUTETROLET, located at Via Spartaco 3, 39 02 55020218.

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Milan just may be our favorite shopping destination, as it features timeless clothing and furnishings with an unusual twist… the following are some of our favorites:

Fornasetti features the graphic artwork of Pietro Fornasetti on ties and scarves to gifts & furnishings, newly located at Corso Matteotti 1/A, 39 02 89658040… don’t miss the museum of Fornasetti antiquities located in the basement!;

Toy Watch, quickly becoming a cult brand of affordable yet distinctive timepieces, Toy Watch is located in the midst of luxury shopping in Milan, Via Monte Napoleone 25/3, 39 02 76005996;

Sermoneta Gloves, filled floor to ceiling with the finest, most vibrantly-colored kid gloves in the world, a must-stop shop, located at Via Della Spiga 46, 39 02 76318303;

Pellini Bijoux, a treasure trove of fanciful jewelry designed by Donatella Pellini, and featured in hundreds of tiny wooden drawers in this magical shop, located at Via Morigi 9, 39 02 72010199-213;

Aspesi, distrinctive RTW and outerwear for men and women in this whimsically designed space… stock up on classics with a twist, not found in the USA, at Via Monte Napoleone 13, 39 02 76022478;

10 Corso Como is without a doubt the most important fashion collective in Milan—and perhaps in Europe (features its own outlet store around the corner!), don’t miss private-label product, as well as a well edited collection of trendy designers from around the globe, located at Corso Como 10, 39 02 29002674;

TWO innovative boutiques NOT TO MISS for original Italian and international fashions are Wait and See, with youthful, undiscovered designers and original gifts, at Via Santa Marta 14, 39 02 72080195; Rossana Orlandi, with luxurious and edgy fashions, located at Via Matteo Bandello 14, 39 02 4674471;

for shoes, Tod’s, the originator of the iconic driving moccasin, is now featuring its men’s and women’s product in two storefronts—located side by side, at Via Della Spiga 22, 39 02 76002423… don’t miss this flagship store that features footwear and handbags in more depth than most.

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