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Milan: Our Favorite Places to Eat

outdoor eatery for lunch in milanristorante drawings from artistsMILAN'S GOOD EATS: An iconic restaurant for lunch or dinner filled with cartoon images from ages gone by (drawn by starving artists in exchange for meals), Bagutta Ristorante at 14 Via Bagutta, 39 02 76002767… don’t miss the profiteroles!; Obika, a refreshingly contemporary mozzarella bar located on the rooftop of Rinascente Department Store, near the Duomo, with outposts in other cities, 7 Piano La Rinascente, Via Santa Radegonda 1, Piazza Duomo, 39 02 8852453… don’t miss the amazing rooftop view—especially dramatic at night!; 10 Corso Como Café, an open air eatery located at the infamous Corso Como concept store, an ideal spot for tea or a light meal, 39 02 29013581… a bonus here is watching fashion ‘victims’ from across the globe saunter in and out of the shop; Ristorante a Santa Lucia, traditional Italian eatery with a warm, inviting atmosphere and a tasty menu. Conveniently located on a side street off of Corso Victorio Emmanuel, near the Duomo, filled with Italian families and stylish foreigners, at Via S. Pietro all’Orto 3, 39 02 76023155; Princi is a stand-up eatery featuring the best focaccia pizza you can imagine… cut with scissors in a size to your liking, located throughout Milan, our favorites are at Largo La Foppa, 39 02 6599013, OR, Piazza XXV Aprile 5, 39 02 29060832. Also on the hit parade is the newly conceived Maison Moschino, a hotel designed to pay tribute to the irreverent style of Moschino, featuring a number of restaurants and an all-white palette, located at Viale Monte Grappa 12, 39 02 29009658.

mozzarella restaurant in italymilan hotel restaurant

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