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Mary Jo's Family Bag


Meet Mary Jo.

As a mother of three, she is always on the go. With no room to compromise on organization she has opted for SCOUT as the tote of choice for keeping her on the ball. "We love using SCOUT bags in my house--the colors and designs are always fun, and we have bags for various functions--from lunch/picnics, to sports/activity totes, travel gear, grocery shopping, pool/beach time, storage--the list is endless. SCOUT is a household name here! We give SCOUT bags as teacher, birthday, and hostess gifts and they are always a hit."

Read on to see Mary Jo's picks!


DSC_3351pictured (L to R): SCOUT Bagette in Chili Prepster and Glory Maze

"The Bagette is my go-to grocery bag. I always get compliments on the designs, plus it holds a TON of groceries and is super sturdy. The two different handle lengths are great, plus they fold and stack easily. I have about 8 in rotation."

DSC_3380Pictured: SCOUT Halfpint in Bluey Lewis

"The girls use their SCOUT bags for so much - sleepovers, sports practice, lunches, dance class....my youngest, Anna, even uses hers to transport her dolls and their accessories. My son used a baguette as his summer camp bag."


"The patterns and color selection are always great, my girls especially love them. (and I personally love hearing the witty new bag and pattern names you come up with each season!) They are easy to transport and easy to clean.  I love that there is a bag for every function, and the ability to personalize them is an added bonus!"

DSC_3421Join us tomorrow as we go behind the scenes of the "Family Bag" photo shoot. Creative Director, Deb Johns, will share her vision and all that goes into a SCOUT photo shoot!

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