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Making the Most of Fall's Bold Pattern Set: Geometrics & Optical, Color-blocking & Textural Mixes, Stripes

We understand in women's fashion that, as the season changes, a woman can become overwhelmed at the countless color and pattern options out of which she will get to make a purchase... Well, Yo Deb is here this week to ease the style stress and offer women a breakdown of  our favorite pattern concepts for fall. We start off the week with one of the bolder concepts, geometrics and the branches of that family tree, then we finish with a concept perhaps new to some but long-favored by others, moire and the marbling effect. Enjoy!


Squares to hexagons to diamonds (OK, another square) were best executed in Prada's autumn/winter 2012 Ready to Wear collection. Miuccia Prada styled geometric looks in colorful head-to-toe ensembles, and while you don't need to mimic her calculated pairings, you can certainly choose one or two pieces to introduce into your previous seasons' "shapewear"... we love Prada's Doctor’s Bag and Prada's Lace-Up Pumps, at lower left and center left. Mary Katrantzou's Amethyst/Brilliant Blue High-waisted Silk Pants or Christian Louboutin's Decorapump are other great additions to help your fall wardrobe take shape. The next part of this concept is color-blocking, for which we recommend Graf & Lantz's Daily Bag in Fuchsia/Orange and Tsumori Chisato's Stretch Soft Flannel Dress, at near left and near right - one is the colorful choice, the other is the neutral choice. And last, we couldn't have a geometric lineup without including a stripe, and we see Chinti & Parker's Contrast Stripe Tee as an almost "color-blocked stripe", since its lines break free from the more standard linear stripe.       

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