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London: Our Favorite Stores to Shop & See

Expect the unexpected in the world of London shopping, which features the best of the best and edgy street fashion on the King’s Road. Here are our favorite spots to shop, featuring fashions all the way to home furnishings, and always with a twist:

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Dover Street Market is a remarkable collection assembled by Rae Kawakubo from Comme de Garcons, quickly becoming one of the most directional concept stores in London, and features a variety of edgy designers with product especially designed for this outpost, at 1718 Dover Street, 44 020 7518 0680… don’t miss the Rose Bakery on the top floor for an afternoon snack or lunch!

Paul Smith, the original bad-boy of ladies fashion, with a terrific menswear following as well, continues to delight and amaze us in his various stores in London… our favorite is at 122 Kensington Park Road, 44 020 7727 3553… don’t miss his furniture store, located near the Dover Street Market, mixing carefully edited antiques with whimsical gift items at 9 Albemarle Street, 44 020 7493 4565.

Cutler & Gross, the original rock n’ roll sunglass guys (FYI, check out the ground floor of the Dover Street Market for vintage Cutler & Gross eyewear!), located at 16 Knightsbridge Green, 44 020 7581 2250.

Jigsaw, a chain of womenswear and baby boutiques, with a ‘boho’ look featured in a wide array of locations… one of our favorites is 91 Fulham Road, 44 020 7589 9530.

Aubin & Wills, located at 188 Westbourne Grove, it features ‘preppy with a twist’, for men and wome... then if you want something a little more ‘British’ for the men in your life, try Hackett, at 137/138 Sloane Street, 44 020 7730 3331.

Celia Birtwell, at 71 Westbourne Park Road, 44 020 7221 0877, produces and designs whimsically-edgy wallpaper, textiles, RTW and scarves, inspired by her bohemian life in the sixties and seventies in London.

If you’re in the mood to get a quick fashion overview featuring the best designers from across the globe, don’t miss:

Selfridge’s at 400 Oxford Street.

Liberty Great Marlborough Street, 44 020 7734 1234.

Harvey Nichols 109-125 Knightsbridge, 44 020 7235 5000.

Brown’s 23-27 S Molton Street, 44 020 7514 0000.

Joseph combines private-label merchandise with of-the-moment designers, located at 16 Sloane Street, 44 020 7235 1991.

Butler & Wilson an iconic costume jewelry resource with a giant crown on the roof of the building, filled with faceted gems, tiaras, and vintage fashions upstairs, located at 20 S Molton St 44 020 7409 2955.

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