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London: Our Favorite Places to Eat

Gone are the days of sub-par pub food in London. It is fast becoming a destination for well conceived eateries from across the globe. Here are some of our favorites:

restaurant in london englandorganic restaurant in londonVillandry, at 170 Great Portland Street 44 020 7631 3131 features continental fare in the midst of a white-washed food market.

Ottolenghi, at 63 Ledbury Road, 44 020 7727 1121, is a Mediterranean gourmet market with some eat-in and lots of take-away options… Ina Garten recently featured this on her London special! and be sure to check out the gargantuan meringue cookies in a variety of flavors.

Rose Bakery, located on the top floor of the Dover Street Market, at 1718 Dover Street (its sister bakery is in Paris), featuring Commes de Garcon clothing & homewares, and healthy yet somehow decadent food, 44 020 7491 8460.

Arbutus is a memorable dining experience, before or after theatre, located at 6364 Frith Street, 44 020 7734 4545.

Carluccios, an eat-in or take-away featuring modern Italian food with a variety of locations… our favorite is at 1 Old Brompton Road, 44 020 7581 8101.

if you have a hankering for cupcakes away from home, the Hummingbird Bakery fills the bill, located at 47 Old Brompton Road in South Kensington, 44 020 7584 0055.

Daylesford Organic, located in the Westbourne Grove area—a stone’s throw from our favorite Paul Smith outpost!—the food is “crunchy London”, delicious and healthy, with a refreshingly spare farmer’s market inside, at 208-212 Westbourne Grove, 44 020 7313 8060.

Fifteen London, Jamie Oliver’s restaurant, at 15 Westland Place, where the restaurateur/chef employs young chefs with trying upbringings… you’re served delicious food and a wonderful experience.

bakery and takeout restaurant in londonrestaurant in england

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