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It's Intern Season!

One of the best parts of summer at SCOUT is the influx of spectacular interns! This year we have a great crew. Check them out below as they share the best of summer in D.C. and how they got here!

elizabeth 1

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Elizabeth has spent the summer heading up SCOUT's rug division + sister brand, FunRealFun. She's handled this internship like such a pro, no one can tell she's an intern. She shares the best parts of the summer and the holy grail of D.C. brunches:


Hometown: Rocky Mount, NC

College: UNC Chapel Hill (go heels!) I also spent two years at Wake Forest University, so I like to claim both!

Major: Journalism and Entrepreneurship

Why is that your major? I love learning about the ways businesses communicate and market their products to their customers. I am also passionate about start-ups and small companies. Journalism and Entrepreneurship combine these two interests in a very dynamic and interesting way.

Best Part of College? Definitely all of the cool people! I’ve met so many awesome friends and professors since going off to school.

How did you get to SCOUT? I am a longtime fan of the SCOUT brand and I love Washington, DC. When I found out about the FunRealFun internship opportunity from Ebay, another Elizabeth from Rocky Mount that works at SCOUT (haha), I knew it was an opportunity I had to pursue! FunRealFun is the sister of SCOUT bags, and it has been so much fun working with the SCOUT team to grow the brand.

elizabeth favorite

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Best part of the summer? Living in Georgetown has been so much fun! A few of my best friends are here this summer too and we love walking around Georgetown and exploring the city when we aren’t working.

Favorite thing you’ve seen/done in DC? How am I supposed to pick a favorite?! Trying new restaurants has been so much fun (current favorite: brunch at Le Diplomate). Other highlights of the summer include kayaking on the Potomac, seeing the monuments at night, the Congressional Baseball game at the Nationals stadium, going to Blues Alley, the list goes on and on….

Why do you need the Deano and the Pocket Rocket for back to school? Everyone needs a Deano! It’s pretty much a necessity for moving in and out of college. I keep all of my shoes in my Deano in the bottom of my closet at school. It keeps my closet tidy (and cute!) and when I am ready to go home for a holiday, I can just pick up the bag and go, I don’t have to waste time packing and unpacking bags.  I also love the Pocket Rocket, it’s the perfect bag to take to the gym. I like to take Barre classes at school and the Pocket Rocket is perfect for transporting my gym clothes, water bottle, and other odds and ends back and forth from class to the gym.

elizabeth 2

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Top 3 things that you need for back to school? A new planner, a Starbucks gift card, and fresh pens and pencils. Nothing beats new school supplies!

Thing you’re most looking forward to about going back to school? I am living in a house of 10 girls this year, it’s going to be so fun! It’s my first time living in a house in college, and I am so excited to decorate my own bedroom. It will be complete with a Rump Roost, a few Hang-10 Bins, and a FunRealFun rug, of course!


Rump Roost Large in G.I. Joe, Available August 17

A little insight from Carson on the best parts of the summer and the ideal major for loquacious types.


Hometown: Wilmington, NC

College: Wofford College

Major: English

Why English? Damn great question, I love to write and quite frankly I’m not very good at much else, so I picked English. I like to be around and talk with people so English seemed like the closest option to those desires at Wofford.

How did you get to SCOUT? My mom is the OG bag lady, so I was raised with an affinity for schlepping. Naturally, SCOUT bags came into my life at a young age because they make schlepping chic so I have always used and adored them. I began working at a retail store in Wilmington when I was a sophomore in high school and became obsessed with everything SCOUT. I found some courage and decided to email Elizabeth Bailey and then proceed to bother her for a while and then she offered me what I claim is, “my dream job.”

Favorite SCOUT Pattern:carson favorite

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Best part of your summer? Every single day, that’s so cheesy but I genuinely cannot pick what I have loved the most. I’m going to a taping of Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me tomorrow, so stay tuned I may have a better answer after that, fingers crossed.

Favorite thing about DC? My roommate and I go on walks around the National Mall, and that is downright awesome. Being surrounded by incredible architecture and boatloads of history is not a typical occurrence, and I’ve really tried to not take that for granted or become desensitized to that while living up here. Also, I’m planning to go to the Newseum and I hear that’s great so, again stay tuned.

carson 1

The Original Deano in Amazing Lace, Available November 5

Besides the Rump Roost, why do you need a Deano to take back to Wofford? Why don’t you need a Deano bag?! I love it because it can carry all of my things great and small, and it is so cute. I also really love the fact that they fold flat, because I am a titch OCD so being about to keep everything neat and tidy is a must. I also get a small thrill out of packing all my things in it, and then making boys carry them around, not sure why it just always makes me smile.

Three things you need for back to school? Command strips, those things are my lifeline.  A fresh manicure, because you only get one shot at a first impression, especially with professors. Gotta look clean and put together cause come exam week they will not recognize you. And, probably a new rug for my room. I’ve gotten a new one every year, so why break tradition now…considering getting a #funrealfun rug, so stay tuned once again.IMG_8229edit

margaret 1

The Uptown Girl in Blue Line, Available August 17

We were lucky to have Margaret close to her hometown this summer because we can tell this dynamo won't be stateside long! Margaret shares on the best of summer:


Hometown: Falls Church, VA

College: Southern Methodist University, Dallas TX

Major: Economic Sociology

Why is that your major? I would love to live and work abroad one day – and studying the cultural complexities of globalization is the perfect stepping stone to making my dream a reality!

Best Part of College? The best part of college is getting to live within a one-mile radius of all of my best friends! Perks of a small campus…

How did you get to SCOUT? I thought the e-Commerce and Marketing internship sounded like an incredible learning experience and I have so enjoyed working for a brand that I know and love.

Favorite SCOUT Pattern:margaret favorite

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Best part of the summer? Exploring Georgetown, the home of SCOUT! I’ve made it my mission to try as many new restaurants as possible.

Favorite thing you’ve done in DC? You can’t beat stand-up paddle boarding on the Potomac River. It’s a good workout and the view of DC isn’t bad either.margaret 2

The Sally Go Lightly in Big Sky, Available August 17

Why do you need those SCOUT items for back to school? The Uptown Girl is the perfect tote for class because it fits my laptop, and there’s still room for a textbook or two. I use the Sally Go Lightly for running errands – I can keep my wallet, phone and sunglasses in it while I shop.

Top 3 things that you need for back to school: Noise-cancelling headphones. A brand new backpack (hello, Big Draw)! A funky pair of sunglasses for wearing while walking to class.

Thing you’re most looking forward to about going back to school: Football season – Pony Up! Tailgating in the Texas heat will never get old.

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