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Introduction to Paris

Paris is a city colored by grey, taupe, and beige where everything is sort of fuzzied. Contrast to that is its dedication to style. Through the mist, style is a critical component in Paris. People take the time to think about what they are going to wear. It is an intelligent city steeped in culture. It is a city that appreciates a cup of coffee sitting at a café, taking time out of their day to take off from work. It is a city that takes culture, food, and joie de vivre very seriously. There is not a lot of humor in Paris but a level of love and appreciation for things. Everything sensory in Paris is part of an art form, but there is very little laughter. There’s something magical, almost mystical about Paris. When you cross those bridges, you see the most beautiful sites in the world. You just need to be a little more lighthearted about it.

This week I am going to highlight some of our favorite stops in Paris during my semi-annual trips.

Victoire- a store located on Place Victoire and features established and up and coming European designers (also a location on the Left Bank).  

Colette- the first stop on the fashion train in Paris is always Colette. Setting the bar high in trend, unique gifts, and ready-to-wear items.

Zef- a kids store on the Left Bank with very chic mini adult wear for kids through ages 14.

JC de Castelbajac- a master pattern and color designer and has been involved for many years in the world of Paris fashion.

Merci-the new venture by the founders of Bonpoint and is setting the bar high for new lifestyle and ready-to-wear concept stores. A must see in the Bastille area.

Bonpoint -long heralded as the pinnacle of children’s fashion in Paris and around the wolrd. Bonpoint continues as the trendsetter in childrenswear. Various locations throughout Paris.

Bonton - the casual spinoff of the Bonpoint family featuring infant to primary school ready-to-wear and amazing gadgets and gifts. Located on the left bank.

Laduree- epitome of pastry and tea offerings in Paris. Locations on the left and right banks. Don’t miss the macaroons!

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