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Inside Deb's Euro Trip





Q. Can you give us a brief synopsis of your trip/Why you went?

A. I go to Europe semi-annually for inspiration...color, pattern, trend!  I like to do my own editing as I work my way through the fashion capitals.I begin my trip by covering Premier Vision/ Indigo  which are the most important international fabric and print fairs just outside Paris...then I walk the streets of Paris, Milan and London looking for new bag shapes, fashion trends and color to print directions that could influence direction for SCOUT

Q.What was the best location you visited and why?

A. Paris is great for beauty...the boutique windows and the city itself...Milan is perfect for chic street style and display of luxe brands...London brings a sense of humor and irrelevance to the picture and is a bit more gritty to classic in it's looks.   Lets not forget NYC...my home away from home for many years...I love the unedited nature of NYC...people and influences piling up in such density that its always a treasure hunt to grab the newest looks from the worlds most dynamic city!

Q. Describe your favorite memory of the trip.

A. My favorite memory is when I meet up with friends for coffee or a meal in Paris, London or NYC...most are creative and we often discuss what is new!

Q. Which main fashion trends do you see emerging in Europe?

A. The biggest news coming out of Europe is CASUAL...I have been making this trip for 30 years and the movement toward casual is very strong across Europe.  Mixing vintage or trend setting "sport" with street is a key direction for all ages in Europe as it is here.   Europe has always been more "dressed up"...so this progression toward a more american bent in their style is BIG!

Q. Do you think they will travel to the US, if so how will they translate?

A. This trend began here...we want to be able to tie a scarf effortlessly the way a Parisian women does and Europeans want to embody casual chic the way American fashionistas do...but leave the sweatsuits and lulu lemon at home...athletic wear is best when mixed with street...head to toe athletic wear belongs at the gym!

Q. If you could give one piece of fashion advice after seeing the trends in Europe what would it be?

A. Think about using neutrals that offer dimension to your look...shades of tan and beige used together...or lustrous black used with textured or matte black... we like neutrals and they often become our "uniforms" but the chic interpretation always involves dimension and innovative layering...short over long and long over short...sheer with opaque and casual with dressy!  Don't be afraid to combine high/low items to convey a cool personal style and if you love something in your closet buy two and continue to mix that item in new ways through the seasons and through the years...hold on to what works but evolve the pieces that work with it!

SPOTLIGHT: Concept Shops

Deb likes to stop into these shops for style influences and ideas. Concept shops are retail models where the buying process has a different meaning and involves philosophical meaning.The customer has opportunity not only to buy physical products but also is provided with a full emotional and sensory experience.

Here is a spotlight on Deb's favorite trend destinations across the fashion capitals!



















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