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Heat Things Up This Fall With Pattern Mixing

Pattern mixing is the perfect way to create a signature look. Combining pattern within a warm color story will edit your look, adding a bit of subtlety. We love to see plaids, stripes, checks, paisleys, florals, textural effects and tweeds mixed within a color story (especially if there is enough white in the mix to allow for a bit of an oasis from the color and pattern layers.) Check out how Deb recommends mixing.


Varying scale is a great trick, think micro and macro scales layered for a refreshing twist.



1. OSCAR DE LA RENTA SLEEVELESS FLORAL PRINT MIKADO DRESS | 2. Gucci Oversized Square Frame Sunglasses | 3.Thierry Lasry Monogamy Cat Eye Sunglasses | 4. J. CREW CAMPBELL HOUNDSTOOTH WOOL BLEND BLAZER | 5. Saint Laurent candy bow velvet platform sandals | 6. Sonia Rykiel Striped Knitted Wide Leg Pants | 7. J. Crew Campbell Houndstooth Wool Blend Sweater | 8. OSCAR DE LA RENTA FLORAL CRYSTAL EMBELLISHED NECKLACE | 9. QUEENE AND BELLE MACKENZIE PLAID CASHMERE WRAP

The SCOUT fall Line encourages customers to mix within color stories as they select their personal favorites. Enjoy the freedom of pattern mixing that the world of “matching” doesn’t allow. And the best part - SCOUT carefully selects the Pantone's that go in each design, often repeating throughout the seasons. This means your blues are going to mix well season after season. You can thank us later.

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