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Handling Heavier Items with Tote Bags

Way back when 'SCOUT' was the name of the family dog, and not yet the brand, there was a design idea for a tote bag that best suited the needs of women who 'shlep'... these same women became SCOUT customers, and the rest is history! We continue to be inspired by the bag styles we see on the streets, runways, and in store windows, but the uncontested best has to be the tote. Classic looks for great over-the-shoulder and in-hand styles include ones with roomy bottoms, either with height or part of a more square shape: enter SCOUT's Mini Deano, the Grand Plan, and the Daytripper, three of our ultimate 'shlepping' totes.

DENIM-BLUE: look to these denim-blue totes for a simple & sophisticated style fix! We're bringing you our new Indigo Go hue for spring! Pair with khaki, black or white for easy color-blocking, or choose to punch up the fun with a bold patterned piece.

scout by bungalow blue tote with twisted handlesscout by bungalow beaded blue tote with braided handlesscout by bungalow indigo go daytripper


















ALWAYS TOTE 'AFTER LABOR DAY': readers, cross out any rule that states 'No white after Labor Day', and rejoice for the return of your spring whites! Notice the bold additions of blue, black, and khaki that trim the whites shown here. As an alternative to simple white, switch to SCOUT's new silver paisley pattern, Priscilla Paisley (shown here in the Mini Deano): we love the subtle sheen of the pattern & trim for daytime or nighttime toting!

scout by bungalow khaki totescout by bungalow mini deano priscilla paisley











GRAND PLANS FOR PRINTS: Tie-dye harks back to the Sixties, and snakeskin trim further encourages this bohemian look; pretzel-twists make a khaki & red tote fun; Matthew Williamson's pink ethnic print indicates a level of sophistication rarely seen in such a bright and happy spring pattern; SCOUT's new pattern, Pink Lady, highlights the return of ikat, a pattern that translates through fashion's various trends, time after time (as shown in the Grand Plan).

scout by bungalow tie-dye and snakeskin totescout by bungalow daytripper shape totescout by bungalow matthew williamson for bulgari pink totescout by bungalow pink lady grand plan

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