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Gifting Tips from an Expert

I sat down with Deb Waterman Johns, a consummate fashion stylist and SCOUT's Creative Director + Co-Founder, to get her insights on gifting during this peak season. She shares her insights on gifts for brides, grads, moms and everyone in between!

Spring is loaded with gift giving occasions. What are some of your favorite gifts to give this season?

Mother's Day

DWJ: One of our bags, of course! The Club Upper is perfect for this occasion. Throw in a candle from Jonathan Adler or Diptyque. Bliss products are great.



DWJ: The Original Deano or the BJ Bag. These bags are fantastic and really stand out amongst all of the other gifts they receive. You're giving them something they can carry all the other little stuff in; helpful from the minute they get it!



DWJ: A Two Plate Special. Bring it fully loaded with a batch of brownies or a whisk and a cookbook! Same goes for the Pleasure Chest. That's a great cooler that anyone can get use out of. Load it up with some drinks and add a cute bottle opener, party cups or a bottle stopper. It's a really simple way to show someone gratitude for being invited into their home.


Baby Showers:

DWJ: I love to gift black and white for baby showers, it's a refreshing change from all of the pastel. A good place to start is a Pocket Rocket. Put a great stuffed animal inside and some baby socks from Lucky Wang! Line the pockets with onezies. Try H&M and Petit Bateau. Seriously, you can never have enough onezies!



DWJ: I love to gift something a little bit frivolous, but fun. Something for their dorm or new apartment like a fun message pillow from Alexandra Ferguson. They are great for personalizing the space (and fit perfectly in the base of a Daytripper!)


Bridal Showers:

DWJ: I start on the registry. I like to buy something from there that is a little funkier, less of a commodity. A great picture frame is always a nice gift. I like Jonathan Adler's selection.


Gifts for the person who has everything?

DWJ: John Darian makes beautiful glass decoupage plates that are a gorgeous gift for anyone and they're a little bit different and less expected. Poppin is a great resource, Jonathan Adler, Lucky Wang in New York is incredible, BQ Granola, Fish's Eddy for someone moving into a new place and Ralph Lauren for table top books! I love to give table top books and Ralph Lauren has this surprisingly great selection. I love the ones that come from publishers like Rizzoli, Assouline and Taschen. I also like to get books signed, that makes a great gift.

How do you feel about gag gifts?

DWJ: Love 'em! Here's the deal: make sure they're not offensive and well timed. And cheap! You can find some amazing novelty stuff online.

Any good times in particular to give an unexpected gift?

DWJ: Mark your calendar one month from the date a friend has their baby and send flowers. A month after the baby is born all of the visitors have waned, the gifts and congratulations have slowed and reality sets in. It's a really nice thing to do for a new mom. Also, always remember it's never too late to give a gift!

What local items do you like to gift?

DWJ: BQ Granola, Baked and Wired cakecups + french linens from American Holiday. American Holiday is a great shop in Georgetown. You can find something for everyone there. The Jonathan Adler store is another great local spot for gifts.


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