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Get Your Halloween Candy Fix ANY Time of the Year

While it is fun to eat leftover candy following Halloween's trick-or-treaters passing through, we say don't surrender to the timeline of October, and instead, get your candy quick-fix throughout the year! Many of the below brands sell their treats year round, and boy are they tasty!

-We always stick to standby NYC company Economy Candy for the classics, like sugar-overloaded candy corn... mmm...

-If you're trying to hunt down a healthy year-round snack, look no further than Justin's flavored peanut butters. We love the convenient packets of nearly every PB-combo under the sun! Pictured is Justin's Chocolate Almond Butter Packs.

-For a decadent treat you can revisit each day, indulge in chic chocolate company Vosges Exotic Caramel Collection. Caramel never tasted so good, nor did it ever look so stylish in Vosges' signature purple packaging.

-Wockenfuss Homemade Caramel Apples are a chic treat to introduce at the start of October - and one to not kick out of the pantry until you're absolutely certain you've eaten every flavor combination...

-Obsessed is the name of the Wednesday post, and obsessed is how we're feeling about CC Made Popcorn in their Caramel and Spiced Almond flavor. YUM! Sweet & savory? We'll take a few bags of it.

-Look to Dylan's Candy Bar for all things nostalgic and all things contemporary in the name of a sugar-high... we think her Body Parts Halloween Lollipops are right in line with SCOUT's own aesthetic!

-Last, order some Fat Witch brownies any time you feel that 'chocolate or bust' mindset coming on - you know, it's that 'MUST. HAVE. CHOCOLATE. NOW.' thought process...

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