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Fresh for the Fall: To-Do List


Through the years, our family of kids and dogs has enjoyed a wide range of FALL activities! As the leaves turned and the air crisped, we layered on our fleeces and down essentials and made our way outside to take full advantage of the vibrant season. Here is our checklist for young and young at heart:

Visit the pumpkin patch & the apple orchard.

Pick singles or bushels of these seasonal favorites.

apples large Pumpkin-Patch1

Image Credit: desmoinesparent.com

Have a bonfire.

Fall is a great time to set up the backyard fire pit and gather around with friends and family to enjoy s’mores and storytelling.


Image Credit: kristenschell.com

Visit a haunted house.

Get spooked in honor of Halloween! Almost every town has a haunted house complete with scary effects. Click here to find one near you!

Take in a game.

We watched our kids play football, cross country running, tennis and lacrosse each fall and took in college games to round out the fall spectator program!  Tailgates were the icing on top!


Image Credit: Johnson-McCormick

Take an urban walk.

Strolls through the city often took our family to a meal and back. Walking as a family through Washington, D.C. really was a great way to get to know our urban landscape.


Check out a farmer's market.

The best part is coming home with farm-fresh produce and making a family meal with your finds.


Recipes from Deb


fall harvest pasta

Arran-22sarah cran apple

easy orchard applesauce

This week on the blog we'll be featuring some of our SCOUT employees and their favorite fall activities! Join us tomorrow as Kate takes us to a favorite fall spot of hers!

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