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Fresh Finds at the Farmers' Market: Tomatoes

SUGGESTED PREP FOR TOMATOES: A great way to use heirloom tomatoes is with couscous: we like mixing oven-roasted heirlooms with untouched, fresh-off-the-vine ones… first, grab your parchment paper to place onto your baking sheet; second, rinse and quarter or halve your heirlooms; third, sprinkle with your prep-blend of salt & pepper, a little sugar, and some olive oil; lastly, roast in a low heat oven, 250 for about 2 hours, then turn off the heat and leave overnight (in your oven).

Grab near-East couscous (preferably a roasted garlic flavor), but instead of water, puree your favorite tomato sauce and boil the couscous in the tomato sauce for the suggested time. Once the couscous is cooled and fluffed, add in your roasted heirlooms and, for color, some additional fresh-off-the-vine heirlooms, chiffonade of basil, a little more olive oil, and some grated parm. (Toasted pine nuts optional!) Serve your dish in Fishs Eddy's Red Pasta Bowl, then spoon up couscous with the company's Baguette serving spoon.





























SUGGESTED PREP FOR YOUR LOOK: for a chic pair of overalls, look to Opening Ceremony's collaboration with Pendleton, featured below is their 'Boxy Overalls', though don't let the name fool you! they offer contemporary cuts in a rich red hue; pair the pair with The Row's Roger tank in soft silk; if you arrive at the farmers' market on a windier day, come ready with Tommy Hilfiger's Over the Head Jacket, for rain or shine! stroll in Jane Norman's Crochet Wedges, the perfect summertime statement; accessorize with a multicolored beaded cuff, we are mad for Antik Batik's Soka Cuff.

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