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Football Games & Tailgating Featuring UNC-Chapel Hill

tailgate headerBy Guest Blogger and former SCOUT intern, Annie Gray Dixon

Annie Gray is a junior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill studying Media & Journalism with a minor Entrepreneurship. A native of Edenton, NC, Annie Gray has grown up a Tarheel and enjoys going to games and tailgating with friends! 

Bell Tower

Football season so much fun in the South, especially in Chapel Hill. On game days the town is buzzing with students, alumni, and parents come from all over to attend football games.

The Carolina Inn is my go to spot for tailgating because the atmosphere is inviting and is a place where students, parents, grandparents, and friends congregate both before and after games. This past weekend following the UNC v. Illinois game, which resulted in a W for the Heels, I popped over to The Carolina Inn and sat on the front porch with friends. Even though UNC is a huge school, I ran into so many familiar faces just at The Carolina Inn alone. If you're ever in Chapel Hill, I suggest stopping by!


Built in 1924, The Carolina Inn is rich with history, charm, and character. The Inn's architectural elements come from the antebellum Southern plantation homes blended with Georgian and neoclassical features. The front of The Carolina Inn was actually modeled after Mt. Vernon, George Washington's home on the Potomac.IMG_2226


Of course SCOUT bags always make it to tailgates here at UNC! Pictured above the BJ Bag, the 3-Way, and the Duffy hidden in the back.


Tailgates are known for good, Southern food and drinks. This biscuit bar was delicious!


A little snack never hurts while watching the game!



Twine and Twig Necklace |  Frye Billy Pull On  | Racil Shirt Dress Julie Vos Shaw |Stiff One 

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