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Flames of Coral, Pink, Orange, and Red

Announcing the 'hot' colors for spring 2011: your pinks, your corals, your reds, your oranges, and your yellows... use accent colors from existing pieces in your closet and pair with any of the hues we're encouraging here. The easiest part about dressing for hot weather is dressing with hot hues, and the simplest way to complement this end of the spectrum is with a khaki or a lime green: khaki neutralizes any color under the sun, while lime green lends a contrasting citrus hue against say, its step-sisters, orange or yellow.

BELOW, the inspiration: an eclectic yet cohesive mix of pink, red, and orange indicates that spring style has officially arrived in Europe!

Scout by Bungalow pink painted doorScout by Bungalow pink flowers peoniesScout by Bungalow orange headdress pink and black skirt









NEXT, suggested ensembles: subtle touches of detail like a brown belt, simple studs on a tote, or a lime green clutch balance out the Great Coral Sheaths here!

Scout by Bungalow orange coral dress shirtScout by Bungalow coral and red studded bags coral dressScout by Bungalow acid green lime and coral dress














BELOW, grabbing ideas across the color family: from orange and lemon sherbet... to peach sorbet... to a red bouquet on an Hermes-toting getaway, experiment from coral to citrus while still 'keeping it in the family'!

Scout by Bungalow orange mules heels lemon yellow snakeskinScout by Bungalow khaki sneakers coral orange lacesScout by Bungalow Hermes scarf and luggage orange and red


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