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Featuring the Lower East Side

The Lower East Side of Manhattan represents a perfect pairing of new trends with classic trends. To that end, we’ve picked spots that will make you feel like a local!

1. Stay at the Hotel on Rivington- even the owner of the hotel prefers living in this space to any other in the city… the clean lines inside coupled with the beautiful views of the city looking outside create a memorable New York stay.

2. Bring your empty stomach to the Meatball Shop- old friends Daniel Holzman and Michael Chernow have created the perfect combination in their confident approach to dining... amidst classic New York décor, dare to feast on one of their many meatball & side combinations!

3. If you run with a meatless crowd, visit teany- originally opened by the techno artist Moby, after his influence and under new ownership teany still reflects what the vegetarian New Yorker wants and deserves… subtle and delightful bites of socially conscious snacks, with an impressive variety of loose-leaf teas.

4. For your sugar fix, stop into Economy Candy- thriving in the present day, this 74 year-old store is intended to sweeten the appetites of all age groups, with a talent for carrying those Euro chocolate brands you miss while stateside… be sure to take your goodies back to the Rivington so you can crash from that sugar high!

5. Near Grand St. at 6 Centre Market Place is No. 6- this small boutique has a simple layout that in turn creates the perfect vintage treasure trove. Several clothing racks organized by color hold collections of dresses, skirts, jackets, pants, blouses and sweaters. To further wet your fashion appetite, update classic pieces with contemporary accessories… a piece from No. 6’s jewelry, leather bag, and shoe collections fits with any selection from their vintage assortment!

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