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Featuring the Bowery

The Bowery is a small downtown neighborhood chock-full of eating, shopping, and sight-seeing destinations. Stay at The Bowery Hotel, where you’ll get a feel for just how downtown-cool this stretch of a single city block truly is. Here you’re within walking distance of contemporary takes on New York’s oldest subtleties:

GRUB: For Daniel Boulud’s take on the understated yet indulgent side of food, try DBGB- here you can select from an extensive list of beers by bottle & on tap, as well as from the variety of meats and cuts of meat DBGB offers. Dress to see or dress to be seen… either way, Boulud’s got the delicious food & drink you’re craving.

A short walk beyond Bowery is Prune- come here for smaller bites or brunch, both of which Prune executes scrumptiously… Try one of their much talked about Bloody Marys!

SIGHT TO SEE: For all things contemporary, visit the New Museum- in 2007 this building was renovated and updated to better reflect the aesthetic inside. You’ll see twenty-first century interpretations & adaptations on twenty-first century concepts… modern and thrilling!

SHOPPING: For ‘bespoke prep’, visit Billy Reid- designer Reid’s contemporary vision for classic American style is showcased here, right down to his colorful threading on an otherwise ‘expected’ blazer.

For jeans and trousers made in a sustainable & chic fashion, walk a few more steps to Rogan- similar to Billy Reid, Rogan Gregory is an independent designer whose attention to ethics and detail lies in the wear of his clothing… you can’t help but look and feel cool in his clothes!

For a fun shopping experience, visit both of the John Derian stores, Homegoods and Drygoods- at either store you’ll come out with a unique and beautiful piece. From Derian’s own decoupages to the antique furniture he’s collected for sale, this store-pairing has it ALL.

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