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Featuring Carnegie Hill & the 'Upper-Upper' East Side

We’re rounding out our week of favorite New York neighborhoods with a focus uptown. While we’re sure some may recognize the Upper East Side for its museums, we suggest (after visiting those!) that you walk one block over to Madison Avenue, which has some great stores and restaurants.

STAY at the Hotel Wales- an older New York hotel with traditional & contemporary interior design, the Wales pays great attention to detail concerning its guests & visitors: their rooftop terrace shows fantastic views of Central Park & the Reservoir, a breakfast room on the second floor serves tea & coffee all day (available to guest and non-guests alike), and there’s a delicious restaurant!


Perfect for dinner, lunch and especially brunch, eat next door at Sarabeth’s- it is still the go-to meal for neighborhood locals who prefer attentive service with no-fuss dining. For brunch, arrive early to get a table quickly, but rest assured the hostess won’t forget you… even if you’re all the way down the list facing a 30-minute wait, you’ll get taken care of (and it’s worth it)!

Set aside time for a visit to the store Blue Tree- Phoebe Cates & gang have created a totally amusing and fun shopping experience here. Amongst the many items on display you’ll find antique and contemporary jewelry from independent designers, clothing from an array of uber-chic European designers, as well as home furnishings that suit any aesthetic. Grab a friend and stop in… every piece in this store warrants further investigation into the product featured.



About 10 blocks below the Wales, Sarabeth’s and Blue Tree on Madison are two great stores, E.A.T. Gifts and Agnes B: From the culinary creativity of Eli Zabar comes E.A.T. Gifts- young or old, there’s plenty in this gift shop to keep you browsing. Looking for a small or inexpensive gift? E.A.T. Gifts has tons of fabulous decorative objects for your consideration.

For simple & tailored clothing, visit French designer Agnes B’s uptown location- for clean lines and synonymous with Parisian chic, Agnes B is home to the feminine and work-appropriate clothing you’ve been looking for. There’s also a sportswear line in the back of the store showcasing funkier knitwear and denim… look for items from Agnes B.’s collaboration with Opening Ceremony!

One museum located off of Fifth Avenue is the Whitney Museum- visit one of its eye-opening and thought-provoking exhibitions, each of which presents the work of American artists… stay tuned for the re-opening of the Whitney Café this Spring; in the meantime, sip Stumptown coffee on the lower level right by the Museum store!

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