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Father's Day Gifts: For Mr. Fix-It or the Grill Master

FOR MR. FIX-IT: a dad who jumps off the couch at the change to change a lightbulb or fix a leaky faucet is a dad who will love any of the gift ideas below... think industrial lines and hues like black, white, and metallics: below left is Alice Supply Co.'s 19" Metal Toolbox, the perfectly-sized carrying case for the key ingredients in Mr. Fix-It's duties; a great idea for the clean slate of the white might be to write yours and your siblings' "Happy Father's Day!" kind of messages, this way he'll look forward to each and every task with the added love and support of his kids; Muji makes a sleek black screwdriver set, great for a variety of indoor and outdoor issues that might all of a sudden need tweaking; eco-friendly company Resource Revival makes great tabletop pieces (and even more household items) out of recycled bike parts; we love the company's Bike Chain Bowl, a cool and contemporary choice where your dad can chuck his keys and wallet at the end of a workday; store any of the below grilling items or fix-it pieces in SCOUT's XYZ Deano, which has a flexible square shape that stands on its own, and the extra protection of a zip-top.






FOR THE GRILL MASTER: get a grilling dad either the basics or the extras... either way, he'll love having more spices to add to the rack or a new, clean brush to 'start fresh' at the end of his next grilling session: for sauces and spices, first, we love Demon Pig's Backyard Grillers Special, a tripod of two different kinds of BBQ sauce and a sense-bursting spice rub to go with (we couldn't resis the name); second is the Spicy Spepper Salt & Pepper 2-in-1 steak seasoning; for the master of the grill, offer up a new kind of outdoor grill, the Big Green Egg's XL Egg, part of the company's lineup that also includes grilling accessories and additions like extra racks that you can stack on top of one another! finally, what dad wouldn't love another brush to replace an older, grimier one... we love Weber's 18" Grill Brush & Scraper.

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