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Fashion 'Rights' of Spring: Purses & Handbags

At SCOUT by Bungalow, we know a thing or two (or three, or four) about bags, and each season we try to focus on the next great bag style. You'll notice that the trapezoid structure of our new Cool Clutch takes its cues from the purses and handbags that most recently made their debuts in the windows and storefronts of Europe. Today we're highlighting the Cool Clutch, the Micro Deano, the Stow N' Go, and the Crown Jewels!

RECTANGULAR BAGS: the rectangular shape for spring bags is best achieved through a handbag or purse. As you can see here, the possibilities for color and fabric in these rectangular styles are endless and effortless! There is red and orange patent leather, as well as silver and gold metallics, then, for a bit of 'wow' factor, a studded black & white striped handbag!

scout by bungalow rectangle shape roger vivier purse

scout by bungalow rectangle purse shape

scout by bungalow black and white bag 







TEXTURED BAGS: yes, here you see a selection of four great-looking purses... but take a second look, and you'll notice that these bags have one key element in common: suffice it to say, it's all about texture this spring for bags! Whether woven, lace, snakeskin, or crocodile, there are many diffierent options when exploring textured handbags.

scout by bungalow black and white handbag

scout by bungalow white lace on beige bag

scout by bungalow rectangle shape pink fendi bag

scout by bungalow trapezoid shaped purse


TRAPEZOIDAL SCOUT SHAPES FOR SPRING: here is look at what's just arrived on bungalowco.com for spring 2011 SCOUT, reaching from one end of the color spectrum to the other! We've got two new paisley patterns, LS Daisley and Navy Jones, as well as a new animal print, Croc-o-Gator (shown here in Black & White). We once again are offering the Micro Deano and the Crown Jewels, but we decided to make the Micro in a preferred pattern of our customers', the coated cotton that we use for our travel accessories. In addition, this smaller 'evening bag'-looking item is actually our new Stow N' Go tote all folded up! We're also highlighting the Cool Clutch since it displays such a strong example of the trapezoid shape we've touched on today. We hope you'll enjoy the new patterns & products as much as we have creating them!

scout by bungalow new micro deano paisleyscout by bungalow crown jewels new paisleyscout by bungalow new bag spring 2011scout by bungalow new insulated tote

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