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Easter Week, Day 5: Green & White

INSPIRATION #1, ELLEN: when we take turns into menswear in our day-to-day life, whether for professional style or playtime style, we owe much of this inspiration to a present-day menswear advocate, Ellen Degeneres... thankfully, by 2011 enough designers have responded to Degeneres' sleek suit styles that they in turn have been creating more contemporary takes on menswear staples, and we are loving this idea for an Easter Sunday outfit! For this look, keep at least one piece tailored, while the rest can be slightly less structured and (somewhat) more feminine. With menswear-inspired looks, there is almost an 'equilibrium' from where 'male' encourages & 'female' carries out.







INSPIRATION #2, MICHELLE: suits not (yet) your thing? We attribute much of our green envy to First Lady Michelle Obama's brightly-colored style choices, and we adored her in the below Barbara Tfanka silk-brocade floral dress! another 'Michelle motif' is the cardigan, and her loyalty lies with J. Crew, which has a number of cardigans and knits for this spring; we like the white piece below, with the unexpected detail of extra pockets; the statement-making green pieces below, Dries van Noten silk-floral heels at left, and the Lotusgrace taffeta party dress at right further bolster your 'Easter Sunday spirit'.










GOODIES & BAG PICKS: if you haven't yet snatched up any of the goodies that we've  suggested this week on Yo Deb, don't worry: candy powerhouse Economy Candy has a sweet fix, they're pre-made Easter basket! we reccommend stowing this big candy mountain in SCOUT's Bagette Bag, which, with its two options for handles (hand-held & shoulder-slung) is the perfect tote for this Sunday display!

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