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Easter Week, Day 3: Pink Lady Jackie O. Carries the Inspiration

INSPIRATION, JACKIE O: ...and O. so much pink! the former First Lady of the U.S. set trends that spanned the globe, from her clothing to her accessories, so today we're honoring her style with several Jackie-inspired pink pieces, each one perfectly appropriate for Easter! Switching it up a bit, we decided to offer two comparable dress styles and two comparable coat styles so you can choose... do you prefer the demure dress styles at left, or perhaps the statement-making elegant coat options at right?










ACCESSORIES: please note, the vintage-style pillbox hat is for the full Jackie effect, so you don't absolutely have to own one yourself, we're simply featuring it as a spot-on accessory pick in honor of the above style muse; nothing complements 'demure' in a look as the addition of a delicate pair of gloves, and we love the blush option below; arguably one of the finest shoe designers of our time, Roger Vivier and his signature Pilgrim buckle offer sophisticated takes on various 'classic' heel styles that tread lightly beneath an overall 'ladylike' look; SCOUT's Uptown Girl in Pink Lady can either be a fun Easter basket choice or a sleek shape for toting your things to and from church & brunch.



















GOODIES: nothing says spring like pink lemonade, and no one does lemonade mix better than the pantry staple, County Time, so toss one in each kid's basket for future afternoon snack time; Eleni's offers cookies & cupcakes in a wide variety of holiday, color, or people/place/thing themes, and we love the 'Spring Flurry' Easter-themed gift box for it's pink & yellow color story; Century Novelty's web site is a great go-to for all things Easter and all things bulk, so stock up before Sunday with plenty of reusable pink plastic eggs!


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