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East Village and Elizabeth Street Faves


The East Village and (Nolita) used to make people shiver who were more comfortable walking on Madison Avenue. Today, the East Village has pockets that are tricky, but mostly features young, trendy designers who can’t afford uptown rents. They have also become the best destination for vintage clothing, and many memorable eateries have sprung up to support hours of exploring. The Bowery Hotel has helped legitimize the area and DBGB, Daniel Baulud's trendy new eatery is located on the ground floor of the hotel. We selected a few streets that we love, but we’ll be back with more soon.

Elizabeth Street between Houston and Spring is a short walk across Houston Street from our East Village faves.

Daily 235: @ 235 Elizabeth: a retro toy and gadget store, perfect for kids and adults who appreciate whimsy.

Metal Pointus @ 252 Elizabeth: displays this youthful French jewelry line in a fresh way.

Soho Baby @ 251 Elizabeth: you can never be too hip, too young, and this store gives the city baby all the chic wear it can possible desire.

Rainbow Sandals @ 245 Elizabeth: the cult brand worn on the feet of teens everywhere, this grass shack store front has the whole range.

Tory Burch @ 257 Elizabeth: this David Hickes inspired line of womens wear, clothing, and accessories is a club house of cool…need we say more.

United Nude @ 268 Elizabeth: futuristic to functional footwear, especially the rubber wedges and avant-garde well heeled options.

Blue Bag @ 266 Elizabeth: novelty handbags with an edge.

Sample Store @ 268 Elizabeth: Cut and sew fine gauge women’s wear knits in sophisticated colorations.

Jo’s @ 264 Elizabeth: serves brunch through dinner, American fare with a twist.

Steven Alan @ 229 Elizabeth: cool men’s shirtings in knits and high end checked and striped cottons.

Café Habana @ 17 Prince Street at Elizabeth Street: the best grilled corn on the globe. Get here early or late to avoid long lines and great Cuban food.

Jamin Puech is just off Elizabeth Street @ 14 Prince Street: Jamin Puech is a feast for the eyes and the soul. These handcrafted iconic handbags are collectible and irresistible.

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