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Destination NYE: In 'Da Club

It's almost December 31st, ladies... Do you know how you'll be ringing in the New Year?

We do! Well, we have some ideas for celebrating. Each post this week will feature a separate NYE scenario with accompanying style of dress. ENJOY!


From left to right, either of these pieces from Butler & Wilson would spice up the 'ladylike' notes in this look... far left is Butler & Wilson's Crystal Crown Multi Chain Necklace, near left is the brand's Large Lips Necklace; this McQ by Alexander McQueen Puffball Dress is flattering on just about everyone, a perfect investment piece; Christian Louboutin's Maggie Cao-Toe Pump is mixed-medium and color-blocking at its best.












From left to right, Valentino's Multi-Bow Over-the-Knee boot will ensure plenty of thigh-high action where the dress's hem stops; Oscar de la Renta's feather-trimmed silk-mesh dress is for the most daring and fashion-forward; Long Gloves from Comme des Garcons are an unexpected yet effectively dramatic element to this look.












From left to right, TopShop's Black Leather Biker Jacket toughens up the flirty ruffles of this dress; AllSaints' Allegra Dress is harnessed by a leather belt; TopShop's Stereo Suede Stud Shoe Boots are the perfect bright accent to this look.













From left to right, Christian Louboutin's Maggie Glitter-Coated and Snake-Print Pumps are a mixed-medium vibrant addition to this metallic look; TopShop's Leopard Sequin Strap Dress offers just the right amount of cut-outs and cover; Banana Republic's Clear Chandelier Earrings are bold in style yet understated in hue.

2 thoughts on “Destination NYE: In 'Da Club”

  • LaModeOperandi

    You have some pretty good choices for new years! I love using it as a good excuse to get sparkly and fancy. It is so funny how girls always need to find excuses to get all dressed up. Being a girl is so fun sometimes!

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