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Denim for Spring: a European Ecouragement

Scout by Bungalow Indigo Go denim Grand Plan bagDenim has always been considered a 'classic' on our side of the pond, but glance at the store windows in Europe and you'll find that not only is denim featured in its structured form, but it also shows up distressed, and often times as a motif, with its faded-blue hue as part of a larger color story at hand. This hue, you'll notice, is best interpreted with the use of another classic 'color', white: no color combo eases you into the spring season better than the relaxed effect of pairing white with denim or denim-hued garments.Scout by Bungalow blue ballet flatsScout by Bungalow grey blue high top sneakersScout by Bungalow denim platform shoes

While denim head-to-toe would no doubt look strange, denim for shoes and denim over the shoulder looks fabulous as a subtle item of intrigue amidst easier spring dressing! Save your 'saturated denims' for fall, and instead opt for a 'softer' version... the crisp white of a shirt or pants with a diffused denim 'foils' the effect of a harsher, heavier fabric. Accents or details in a brushed down or burnished silver (think pewter) complement this look.

Scout by Bungalow blue tote bag braided handlesScout by Bungalow blue crocodile pattern bag








For outfits, take from one of the several cues featured in the below ensembles: white lace makes denim appear less structured, and more delicate; the color-blocking mix of mostly denim-blue, a hint of white, and the subtle addition of black look immediately 'pulled together' with a simple white tote.

Scout by Bungalow white bucket tote and blue trenchScout by Bungalow denim paired with white dressing










Look for SCOUT's NEW 'Indigo Go' fabric to arrive SOON for spring 2011! Shown here in the Grand Plan tote, Indigo Go is sure to be Scout's new signature fabric. Like its cousin, black, denim fabrics work seamlessly with the millions of other ways you dress for spring!

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