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Deb's Desk: London & Milan Spotlights

The dash a digi' and schedule is busy. Better get ready for Europe with Debbie. It’s time to: Work work work work work work work work work work work work work work work work work. If you don't speak Rebecca after five K-Cups, allow me to translate: Deb's back from the Europe times, and we've got a lot to download. So, sit down, shut it, and swig as much of this style sauce as you can. Ello and arrivederci, babies, it's Milan and London time.

Funky Table, tucked away in Via Santa Marta, is the place to find eccentric and irresistible tabletop accouterments, groovy home goods, and, you guessed it, funky treasures. Run by two sisters collecting curated, colorful, and whimsical items from Senegal to Denmark and Mexico, this is a totally unique place where international cultures and decor dwell in harmony.

Sermoneta is serving up the perfect accent to your dark, depressing winter wear with a color wheel of hues in the butter-smooth gloves. This leather is washed, bleached, dried and then dyed in various shades. Sixty different shades are available for kidskin, while the colors for all the other leathers, like, suede, buckskin, peccary, boar, crocodile, ostrich, and merinos are chosen based on the latest fashion trends. Ostrich?! Don't know about you, but I'm all about those sexy bird vibes.

Don’t you just adore pretty, girly things? OMG, me too. Farage is the rosiest, classiest, swirliest, twirliest girliest place of them all (in a totally great way). This gem of a honey hive in the Brera neighborhood in Milan has a white interior tea room featuring gorgeously boxed pralines, tablets of chocolate, chocolate fondue, and other glorious sweets. I imagine one feels like a Milanese Marie Antoinette in this joint, and I’m deeply into it.

For high value, on trend, curated fashion standouts, and seasonal trends, head to Biffi and Banner and whip out that AMEX. Home to the best curated contemporary designer stores in Milan, this boutique is full of color. Designers include Sacai, Watanabe, Commes de Garcons, Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, and Simone Rochas. The two stores located in two different neighborhoods, these hotspots should not be missed by all you lil’ fashionistas. This yellow plaid dream suit in Bifi, Banner’s other half, ultimately has me going down and yellin’ timber. Let it be known, ladies and germs. Citrons are here. They’re hot. Get used to it.

Slirp up some gorgeous, green angel hair covered in pesto al fresco in this former convent converted veranda at the Four Seasons Hotel. Also, make note of my impeccable use of alliteration and rhyming.

This season, year-round shades of white are trending street and shop side. From casual to dressed up, seasonless and seasonal furs, velvets, and patent leathers in black, white, and red are making it rain fashion and fun.

I think the most accurate way to talk about Daylesford Organic Farm Gloucester is to quote Deb directly: “It’s London’s organic mecca. It’s fresh. It’s inviting. It’s hopping with charming Saturday brunch goers and shoppers. This spot will make you feel healthier, simply by walking through it’s sun-filled, whitewashed space.” Trust me, if it’s referenced in the Crazy Rich Asians series, then you better believe this place is both tasteful, gorgeous, and high dollar. Cancel your acupuncture and cryofacial for a light stroll through the Daylesford floristry department.

I’ve been on a major Hugh Grant, Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, Tom Hanks (you know, the old cast and crew of a mild 48 hour, Saturday movie wormhole) kick recently. Maybe it’s my late onset hopeless romanticism, or maybe it’s just an excuse for me to retreat to a loveseat bunker where I’m safe from literally everything. ANYWHO, after snooping around on The Cross’s site, a change of heart hit me like a bag of bitcoins. This delightful shop in Notting Hill (see where I’m headed) is just really something special. First of all, their window display and contents inside are the coolest things since crochet halter tops, riding bicycles with wicker baskets full of flowers and fresh pastries, round sunglasses, and the Beatles rooftop performance at Apple Corps. They’ve got quite a spread of treasures like wonderful layering necklaces, fashion sneakers, romantic cozy sweaters, this gorgeous, low back, wine colored silk dress, little happies to give to all your friends...I’ve got to stop myself before I pass out.

Get a load of that eye candy. Talk about some serious bakery porn. This leavened gem in Westbourne Grove is a culinary force with a gourmet-casual aesthetic. With countless cookbooks published across the globe, this place never disappoints.

Please enjoy this toodle of street styles, a cutie pic of interior designer, Olivia, and her fab dog, Burberry sneakies, and mannequins rocking Spice Girl reminiscent garb.

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