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Deb's Desk: Holiday Closet Shopping

I'm willing to bet there are a bunch of research studies linking primal fear and closets.  I would provide a slew of examples, but I'd rather base facts off personal feelings (re. monsters, robbers & Chronicles of Narnia). Our own closets are the most intimidating, especially when throwing together a last minute outfit. We're thinking of your well-being, so we've collaborated with Deb and 3 of our team members to stop you from panic purchasing and screwing the outfit pooch.  Patience is a virtue, so we met with SCOUT's most patient and good-natured team members who opened their closets up to our holiday re-styling.  They're living proof that you don't have to (but feel free, if you want to!) rush out and buy an outfit day/night-of.

First on deck, we have the lovely, Charlotte, our faithful intern with locks spun from spools of gold.  Charlotte is fresh, fun, smart and willing to let us dweebs (not including Deb)  dress and do ~cool~ photography of her with Erin's new IPhone. She threw on a basic black long sleeve tee, leggings, and over-the-knee boots, and then Deb took things from there.  Not only is Charlotte smart and generous, but, also total ANTM material (seriously considering sending her smizing shot to Tyra Banks).

Step 1: Have a seamless day to night transition with simple black underpinning.  Look!  So easy already!

Personally, cold weather can really cramp my style.  I'm a dork about jackets, so I'll risk my entire look by throwing on my black Marmot down jacket.  Suddenly, I've turned my on-personal-brand look, into me on the way to take the ACT.  It's no fun!  This doesn't have to be the case, per Charlotte's first look.  Do not be afraid to rock a full length mink.


This 'fit is ideal for caroling, ice skating, walking, breathing, eating and any outdoor activity. Fur-get about borrowing and destroying (*cough*me*cough) your grandmother's prize mink.  Char's faux fur looks like the real thing and can be purchased for a very reasonable fee at your local H&M.

*Cue tapping a pointer on diagrams and flow charts* We've activated varying shades of neutral with crystals and hot pink, making the look feel more special.

Step 2: Give your head-to-toe-black dimension and throw on a fringe top.


Now, you're not only layering, but also having a little fun with the fabric movement. 

Step 3: Brighten up outerwear with a colored neutral, like powder pink, and faux fur. Staying warm can look luxurious and fun with a refreshed down jacket.  Her closet features pale pinks and buff tones, and we circled back to these themes with inside/outside dressing.  This vibe reads very après-ski in blush, and I'm digging it.

Stop. Sarah Time.  Meet Sarah, our Manager of Marketing and Operations, and pure, young professional fire.  She's in it to win it, and we like teasing her about doing things for "bridal reasons," since she's recently engaged (and we act like middle schoolers).  Sarah's outfits focus on heavier leggings or tights and knee-high boots or booties, for a look that can go in any direction. There's a great neutral focus in Sarah's closet, so we added color and metallic.

Step 1: HOT TAMALE!  This cranberry moto jacket gives the old black leather jacket new life.  You too can own it, re. your neighborhood ZARA.


Cranberry is the perfect winter and holiday color.  Like a million strands of tinsel and eggnog, this color makes everything feel more festive.

FYI: We matched her base with a tonally accepted, fuzzy red tee. Fuzzy on leather makes textures fun.

Step 3: Heyyyy, Glitter Girl!  Yes, people get intimidated by skirts in cold weather, but you don't have to!  Just get yourself a tight or leggin' and off you go.

Keep on those leggins!  Throw on a metallic skirt and chunky sweater in shades of pewter and silver for warmth and glam.

I'm about to squeal with excitement, because it's finally time for Nicole.  Nicole works next to me and puts up with my day-to-day lunacy.  When she's not being our bag-bae, she's raising her daughter, Peyton, and being our local New York dreamgirl.  You'll notice her closet has neutrals with bright touches. She's donning jeans and a black top as her basic underpinning.

Step 1: Get in the mood for the holidays without feeling out of place with a sleek and cool coat.


Be flawless from day to night with a sleeky and chic-y black, 3/4 length long blazer.  The pearls give an added special, tactile and glam touch. It's also perfect for day to night.

We added a black leather jacket to her foundation, and she's already giving off dream Saturday brunch vibes.


The ruffle front with peplum give a touch of femininity and take things up a notch.

NICOLE.  NICOLE. NICOLE.  Pardon me while I do a little "yasssssss queen," for good measure.  Nicole is rocking the total glam squad look in full effect.  This is for those Saturday's when you have time to pick up a new look (ours has an amazing value!).

1 ZARA Faux leather jacket with ruffle trim|2 FOREVER 21 FAUX FUR OBLONG SCARF|3 forever 21 sequin mini skirt

We've said it once, and we'll say it again--don't immediately resort to panic purchasing.  After you've scoured it's depths for your favorite staples, THEN you have permission to refresh your look with a couple affordable and on trend pieces.  To quote Deb Johns, "Every closet has pieces with unexpected potential, from your basic pieces to more trendy," so don't jump the gun.  Take my mother, for example. She swears by brands from the likes of Athleta, Kit & Ace (RIP), J. Jill and Eileen Fisher, but she's not the biggest fan of our mantra.  She'll receive a holiday cocktail invite, slither to the threshold of her closet and wail at the top of her lungs that she has NO IDEA WHAT TO WEAR.  Mom (& readers), we promise, you can still keep comfort and ease with your own foundation pieces while also pulling together a special look for the holidays. Get totally glammed up and/or keep comfort, just make sure to add something unexpected.

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