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Deb's Desk: Guide to Holiday Dressing (No Stressing!)

Party people put your hands in the air and get amped for the holidays.  Deb teamed up with Sak's Fifth Avenue for a show geared to give women a taste of what’s coming up for fall/winter dressing. With backstage photography, a la Erin & Megan, and a play by play from Deb, we're serving you some VITAL information for your every day (and more importantly, holiday) life.

It may not seem urgent now, but let me remind you that if you are a human person and know at least 1 other human person, then you will have approximately 87,238 events to attend in the last week of October alone. And this week is a mere appetizer before people start really ramping things up in November. Don’t even get me started on the December and the holiday party takeover of planet earth. If you’re not terrified yet, then be still and listen closely. Hear that? That’s the wooshing *message sent* sound of co-workers, PTA members, alumni coordinators, bunco presidents, and friend of a friend of your sister sending out Paperless Post invitations. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the best part.   The dress code is...DRESSY CASUAL. 

Deb's considered all of your dressy casual, casual dressy, business casual, casual formal (jk) needs.  SCOUT loves using "real" people as models.  Seriously, our employees are our models (they're also model employees, hehe).  Shameless plug: Erin and I were tweens in the slumber party shoot last spring (first & last day of my modeling career).  ANYWAY, it makes sense that Deb styled her friends and women of varying sizes and ages for this show.  This is an ingenious approach because the audience can really envision themselves in the outfits.  Every model purchased at least one of the pieces they wore in the show.  In essence, Deb knows what she's doing and is fire.  Look what she featured...

Lighter neutrals
Light neutrals are a great season-less approach for an outfit. If you’re traveling to locations with warmer climates, neutrals will be your best allies. This versatile palette allows you to infuse a little color with tones varying from pinks to cements.
Spotlight on green
Blue infused, lively greens are here and ready to elevate your evening look. Designers are borrowing this jewel tone from the 80’s and reintroducing deep green as a wardrobe staple. Lookout for LGD’s (green version of LBD).
Navy color story
Inky or deep navy is a great sub for black. Utilize the power of this sophisticated shade in satin top, jeans, or velvet.

Red color story
I know, I know. You’re probably thinking, "Red? For the holidays? Groundbreaking." If you haven’t in the past, give reds a chance this season. Warmer, pimiento reds are vibrant and festive. Add life and spice to your look with contemporary versions of your typical holiday red.
Cloth coats
Down jackets, though practical, can be look killers and furs can feel a little much. For the perfect go between, look out for a cloth coat decorated with tapestry, velvet, or satin. Wear it with anything and feel dressed for the holidays (without overheating).
Spotlight on jewelry & shoes (HIGH IMPORTANCE)
This category could be categorized as the top, if not #1, most important elements to your wardrobe this season. If there’s one thing you can rely on when getting dressed, it’s shoes (& jewelry, of course). They don’t shrink in the dryer and you won’t have to worry about whether you’ll be able to button them.

Deb's goal was to provide ample options for every holiday need. Fortunately, for all of us, she firmly believes in a "comfort first" method to styling. This being said, athleisure is for athletic endeavors, dog walking, and times for minimal public visibility. It’s for close friends and family. It's safe to say that Deb would like us to leave all ~movement wear~ in the dresser, unless you’re going to kickboxing or cocktails...at LuLu Lemon.

We’re confident when we’re comfortable in our clothes.  Duh.  But above all else, confidence is the key to your best look. When I'm tugging at a hem or fidgeting with fabric, I just cast a big, ole' theatre spotlight on how awkward and uncomfortable I feel.

Ever get that outfit bummer feeling when you just don’t like your outfit but convince yourself it’s the ONLY option? It’s the worst. Whenever I get a case of the outfit blues, I remedy it by double sabotaging myself. *Cue foot stamp, glowering at self in mirror, and making ridiculous assumption/choice that I will not enjoy myself for the duration of the evening. My outfit stinks. So, naturally, I must withdraw to the shadows, sulk and sullenly sip my chardonnay (check out that alliteration).


This holiday season, let's promise each other we'll avoid the drama and theatrics (when it comes to outfits, at least).  Interpret the rules in your own way, while still respecting them.  Deb also wants us to remember that our own closets have more options than we realize, so try staving off an impractical panic purchase. Panic purchases always end with me catching a glimpse of myself in a mirror on the way to the restroom and screaming, "WHAT THE?!?!"
Sometimes you get lucky, but let’s err on the side of caution.

Root your look in pieces you love and what makes you own it.  This way you'll avoid feeling like an alien in your own clothes.  Now, put on your glossiest gloss, do some looking-at yourself-in-full-length-mirror-lipsyching/dancing, and VOILA! Ensemble complete and on fleek.

BEHOLD: Your getting ready song awaits...

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