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Deb's Desk: Destination Celebration

Escúchame, chicas. Tengo que decir una cosa.

Brenda, much like our own DWJ, is a force of magnetic-rock-nature (this geological terminology will make more sense shortly)."But, Who is Brenda??" you're probably wondering. Brenda is Deb's extremely cool friend. “But, why ~Ibitha~?” you ask. Well, Brenda and her betrothed, Gilles, have a vacation home there, and we're going to go visit them (thank you, Brenda). Perhaps you associated the exotic island with EDM music festivals lasting until sunrise and that one Mike Posner song. Holy buckets, even the thought of it makes me sleepy. No te preocupes, dear reader. There is so, so much more to this magical, Mediterranean mass of rose quartz.

So, when we go to Brenda’s with Deb and Ben Johns, we will definitely party, but we’ll do it right (ie. a fun theme, set menu, festive ambiance, you get the gist). It may be a while before the glorious day when we smash open our piggy banks and buy those flights, so until then, all we can do is fantasize and practice throwing our own summer soirees in preparation for the day we go to the White Isle. Fortunately, LD and BJ provided us with all the savory Spanish sauces to marinate in before our trip. Now, let's talk summer celebrations off the coast of Spain.

Funky concept stores and boutiques, like Sluiz, have dynamic options ranging from home to wardrobe. Cultures collide in this juicy spread of flamenco dolls, religious icons, jungle prints, colorful tablecloths, and vibrant homewares.

Para decorar:

Jungle treasures
Tapestry tablecloths
Votive candles
More cacti
Natural splendor

Don’t forget to utilize the natural adornments you already have. Beautiful, blazing sunsets, sparkling shorelines, lush and leafy greenery, sandy salt lines, and coastal crags of limestone will do half the work for you. Look to the local color palette for both home embellishments and wardrobe inspiration. After assessing the surroundings, you can address the remaining flourishes, drinks, and dinner menu.

Para llevar:

Animal Prints
All your jewelry
The bohemian thrives in Ibiza.

Our lovely, aforementioned hosts, Brenda and Gilles, went with a hippie-themed, poolside previa. The theme is deeply appropriate for a destination weekend in this refuge for free spirits. If the stars ever align for you as they did for Deb and Brenda, and you have a terrace view of Es Vedra, I must stress the supernatural benefits of planning a witchy, flowerpower kickback, like our ingenious friends B and G hosted.

Para tomar:

Tinto de Verano
Agua de Valencia
Lemoncello, gin, & club soda
Fresh juice

Para comer (well, first, obviously, you need to dunk your hand in the surf, summon a sea bass, and sizzle up that beautiful fish in a castiron skillet):

Fried sardines
Sunflower oil potato chips
Toast with fresh tomato, feta, & basil
Salt-baked fish

Para traer (a hostess gift):

Your island personality.

Emerging from the crystal clear coast of the Mediterranean, the uninhabited mass of limestone, El Vedra, is known as the third most magnetic point on earth. Ibizan historians associate Es Vedra with the Phoenician goddess and protector of woman, Tanit. The rock island served as her sacred residence and birthplace where sea nymphs and mermaids took refuge. Also known for its magical healing properties, the island serves as a great Drishti for anyone practicing yoga or meditation from Es Vedra overlooks. *I am already starting to levitate.*

Ibiza is one of the Balearic Islands, an archipelago of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea. This all white, beach-chic theme couldn't be more fitting for an evening get together in the “White Isle.” I recommend scheduling your sunset celebration on the date of the summer solstice, a new moon, lunar eclipse, or any other astrologically pertinent cycle of choice. Finally, proceed with island revelry by the light of the moon with the beautiful friends you love.

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