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Deb's Desk: Behind the Scenes in Park City

Model, actress, producer, and inspiration, Tyra Banks, once asked, “Wanna be on top???” So, my mom refused to let me watch America’s Next Top Model. She was horrified after watching an episode where one of the models didn’t know how to pronounce ‘chartreuse’ while reading from a teleprompter during a fashion forecasting challenge. From then on, she only allowed me to read books about women, like, Amelia Earhart, Marion Anderson, and Anne Sullivan. This way, my brain wouldn’t rot from watching aspiring models weep as a stylist chopped off their long, yellow hair, and dye it a shade that can best be described as, “rusty.” I think she pretty much hid the channel changer, so we’d be trapped in channel 8 (PBS) purgatory. Anyway, the answer is: yes. I do “wanna be on top.” Unfortunately, I am too elderly to enter the competition, as I am 26. Fortunately, I work with ~real~ models who know how to pronounce the names of colors. Their level of hair meltdowns is on a scale of zero to “there are a hundred pounds of dry shampoo on my head.” They are smart. They are fierce. And, they are willing to share the behind the scenes goss from their recent shoot in Park City, Utah.

The squadron rolled in hot on Saturday of Easter weekend. Lil’ Deb was still in Los Angeles with her kids and arriving on Easter Sunday, which also happened to be her birthday and April Fools Day. This delayed arrival made for ideal birthday party planning conditions for the team.
The anticipation of the holiday hat trick, in conjunction with a high fashion photo shoot for Fall/Winter 2018 was beginning to make the teammates antsy, so they decided to burn off their opening day jitters and take in a nice POV, as well as a cocktail or two. Not realizing they'd sauntered into a literal rooftop clurb, the Park City hopefuls were star struck by what Julian called, “the most attractive people with the whitest teeth and supplest skin.” Megan gave her wholehearted agreement and said every guy there was "hot." The team befriended a few Utah Grizzlies players. They were very cute, charming, and Canadian. The youngsters made note that this was really a high point of the trip. That day, the gang learned that good looks come easily if one, simply, denounces a corporate calling, moves to somewhere, like, Vail or Jackson Hole, and spends their days shredding fresh pow in the sun.

After penciling in a much-needed appointment with the local Easter Bunny on Sunday morning, Laura, Kate, Megan, and Sara, unpacked the black top-knots they would all don for Deb’s birthday dinner that night (Julian included). As a true SCOUT-ie knows, DWJstyle is internationally recognized by top knot, glasses, Prada fanny pack, and all-black uniform. The evening was just as magical as the gang imagined and filled with delicious buffalo cauliflower, laughter, and cheer.

I wanted to hear from Julian, our new photographer, about traveling with the team for his first SCOUT destination photoshoot. Being a DC-based business, Julian doubted SCOUT would have reach as far as Utah and was both pleasantly surprised and excited when two different families recognized the brand while they were shooting. Naturally, Kate somehow convinced the adorable family that she and her colleagues were normal. Then, proceeded to ask if they could "borrow" their children for the afternoon. Ask and you shall receive...pictures of cute people rocking SCOUT bags.

If there’s any guy fit for traveling and working with these femme fatales, it’s Julienne. *Julienne is the Parisian photographer alter-ego I created for him.* He’s good natured, easy going, and puts up with our unhinged office antics. He did confess that "It was really, really cold the first day. But, my male ego wasn’t going to let me reveal how cold my hands really were. So, I bought $60 gloves...and it ended up being 55 degrees the rest of the trip.”
*Julian says the gloves are practical, nice, and plans to use them in the future.
The Montage was the only place where the team experienced any shooting hiccups. They were gently shooed out as they were wrapping up their last shots with a “next time, just ask” kind of reprimand. Here’s a picture of them boujing it up at the Veuve Clicquot station. Julian was bequeathed a novelty Veuve beanie, thus topping off the ultimate moody photographer aesthetic and providing additional warmth.

The crew bitterly muttered that Ritual Chocolate was, unfortunately, not what they’d hyped it up to be. They’d expected Willy Wonka, but received a “factory the size of our Fish Bowl meeting room with a conveyer belt in the middle.” They admit that they all ordered things that were a little weird. "We freaked out, and, just like, ordered wrong. I got iced hot chocolate, and it kind of had a grit to it, almost comparable to drinking Nesquik,” Megan said. The only person who didn’t cry that morning was Julian, who ordered Americano, because he wasn’t messing around.

“We lived on a cliff,” Laura replied when I asked her if she enjoyed their Airbnb. The views were incredible, but they also didn't realize they would have to scale the 50-degree incline of their driveway to get to their "treehouse." Additionally, Laura would like to note that she only had to get out of the car and breathe into a paper bag once. Deb stayed at the Stein Ericksen Lodge in Deer Valley after passing on the Airbnb’s beautiful views, "like, looking down from the top of a roller coaster."

It was a struggle to figure out where there would be snow in the middle of April. The team had cut their losses and was confident there wouldn't be any snow. So, when they arrived and there was not only snow but tons of it, they knew the photoshoot gods were smiling upon them. It's also crazy transporting a hundred bags across the country, then setting up a mobile dressing room in a suburban. Thankfully, we have Sarah Ortman, the Queen of Logistics, and she makes it all happen.

Favorite photo?
Megan: Laura in front of the ski map with a Weekender, skis, and the color is amazing.

Favorite photo?
Juli(enne): Laura leaning on the birch tree. With blues skies and white snow—it just looks really good.

Stayed tuned for the release of SCOUT Fall/Winter 2018 (it's gonna be sicky-sicky-gnar-gnar).

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