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Day 2 of Spring Dresses: Architectural Dress Styles

CUTTING IT CLOSE & STRATEGIC CUTS are two fun tweaks that designers will use on a more fun or professional style of spring dress; from left to right, one more slash at the hem makes this tunic even more unique than with its core floral print; the decisive collar on this 'floaty' shift adds a tougher edge that is suddenly sweet with beaded detail; the lazer-like cuts against the layers of fabric on this dress play up the youthful vibe of spring, and liven up black; in red, the clean lines on the shoulders and across the collar bone of this piece balance out the dress's voluminous skirt, which makes it a day-to-night staple!

orange and green printed topblack layered dress

trapeze-shape red dress









 COAT-DRESSES & SHIRT-DRESSES showcase simple cuts and clean lines, so there's more room for details: whether your dress features a bold pattern, a bow at the waist, a belt, or a smaller detail like decorative buttons, just be sure to maintain a cohesive 'look'... as you can see here, each one of these looks takes its cue from a central color story, such as khaki or black & white. As always, room for fun fashion lies at your feet and in your hands, so use some great spring accessories!

black and white coatdress and dresskhaki shirtdress










SHIFTS showcase clean lines up top, so walk confidently in this effortless and comfortable style! Little additions like thin belts work well with shifts since they carry out that 'lightweight' look & feel of spring style... even 'lighter' is the stand-out detail of a partial-brown leather belt that rests against the bust on this minimalist shift, so effortlessly chic!

 dress with brown beltyellow and white shift dress with apple printblack and white shift with camel-colored leather belt











TUNICS show off your legs... or your pants, as the case may be! Try some of spring's latest accessory grabs such as a handbag or a clutch to go with the this chic staple; or, if you're feeling adventurous at work, the coolest way to minimize & proffesionalize the leggy effect of the spring tunic is with a tailored pair of dress pants!

black shift dressyellow and black dressgold and printed dress

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