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Color Stories to Go with Wedding Stories

There’s buzz in the air about the Royal wedding about to happen in London… and buss about your friends’ weddings! Let’s toast one another in anticipation of the official 'wedding season', spring/summer!

For many of us, the first signs of spring bring stacks of party invitations and spring/summer wedding invites… the dilemma? What to wear! This week we’d like to focus on great ideas and tips for how to dress yourself for all kinds of weddings, beginning with the most opulent and luxurious, silver and gold-themed weddings… perhaps taking place in the evening, in a rareified ballroom… do you wear long or short? Tuxedos or a white tie and tails make dressing for a guy a piece of cake, but for girls, finding just the right ensemble can be daunting. We recommend these irresistible choices for the most scintillating of spectacles, as well as gift ideas to tote to the reception!

DRESS OPTIONS: it's clear that an a-line shape on the skirt of your dress translates through silk, chiffon, and lace, so stick with a classic frame while pulling ideas from your contemporary style... beaded detail, a slinky belt, or a corseted bodice reminds you and the guests that you're there to have fun!

dress to wear to a weddingparty dress with floral cutoutsruffled tiered dress










SHOE OPTIONS: with a metallic dress, it's best to keep the shoes in line with your color story (it's more formal this way), but we still suggest trying to find color where you can! ...instead of a simply silver or gold shoe, we've decided to break out in form and in hue; as you can see in the slingback at left and the platform at right, blush tones appear to have been brushed with a metallic sheen.

beige metallic heelswarovski crystal straps on a metallic pink platform

 BAG & GIFT OPTIONS: for a silver-and-gold theme, choose SCOUT's Mini Deano in Priscilla Paisley and our Original Deano in French Twist Gold. For the perfect gifts to tote inside, opt for luxury and comfort in the home... one idea that we love is folding up a Mongolian Fur Throw from Adrienne Landau in the Mini, then placing two Neheva Pillows in the Original; the other idea we love involves two of our go-to designers for gifts of any occasion, Jonathan Adler and John Derian! ...from Adler, wrap up one of his Charade picture frames and stick into the Mini; from Derian, we love his 'Home Sweet Home' decoupage tray, or his 'Faience Cherubs' plate.

bungalow bag

fur blanketpillow with tassles







petal picture framedecoupagebabies on a plate

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