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Check Yourself Before You Dress Yourself

YO DEB READERS, today through 2/11, WE'RE FEATURING THE BUFFALO CHECK ORIGINAL DEANO! Who knows which collection this was part of?! Enter coupon code 'buffalo15' at checkout, then hit 'update cart'... your winter wardrobe will be “in check” with this fab tote! (Click on the image to get to the link!)

Planning a winter’s day outfit doesn’t have to be a morning chore, so if you want to look great while still feeling warm & cozy in your clothes, we suggest the ‘lumberjack’ look: flannels, thermals, and faux fur! *Try to wear black or grey pants with flannel; jeans tend to over enhance this look.

Start with basics from American designers like Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren, and don’t shy from the men’s department! A woman should have no trouble finding a tailored men’s shirt that loosely fits her frame. Also try Rugby, Patagonia, and Madewell for women’s and men’s shirt selections. A black & red check pattern is classic and simple, so there’s plenty of room to add modern and feminine flare via shoes & accessories…

Earlier this season we touched on faux fur and trapper hats, which carry out the lumberjack look perfectly. Look to old-school (and inexpensive!) favorites like L.L. Bean, Filson, and Orvis for warm toppers. For faux fur vests, visit Zara, Forever 21, or Madewell.












When temperatures are this cold at Scout headquarters, coats should be heavy and shoes should be sturdy… find useful versions of these from designers like Opening Ceremony, Pendleton, (in particular, their collaboration, ‘Pendleton Meets Opening Ceremony’), Barbour, Beretta, and L.L. Bean. Bean boots and Doc Martens fare well in treacherous terrain (in our case, the icy cobblestone streets of Georgetown!)

Lastly, don’t sacrifice style by carrying an out-of-season bag… try SCOUT’s Bagette bag in Solid Black!

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