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Travel guides

  • 2019 Hot Destinations

    I don’t know about y’all, but I was ready to tell 2018 to not let the door hit them on their way out last Monday. This said, last week Deb, Erin, and I took a beat to brainstorm/rant about our hopes, dreams, and aspirations for 2019. I couldn’t be more amped for the new year and the shiny new breadcrumbs of positivity and possibility 2019 is laying out for us. Follow the breadcrumbs, people! It’s time to rise, grind, and get that new year bread. Our first savory loaf of New Year’s inspiration is a warm list of our top trending travel destinations. You only 2019 once, so let’s get going and GET IT.

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  • Travel Guide: Lake Tahoe + Jackson Hole

    There’s a snake in my boot!

    It’s western wedding weekend, y’all, and we struck gold *bites gold coin and winks.* The Johns and I scoured the Sundance Fall/Winter 2018 Catalog and ordered our mountain-chic wears for the destination wedding weekends of a lifetime. Weddings are (almost) always memorable but there’s just something special, dare I say, “electric,” about celebrating your dearest friends tying the knot out in those wide open spaces. I guarantee, the natural splendor and romance of it all will have you belting, “I SHOULD’VE BEEN A COWBOY. I should’ve learned to rope and ride…”

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  • Travel Guide: Sales Managers on the Road

    Okay, now ladies…


    You know you’re rad…


    Don’t need no man, got your own bands, put up your hands…

    Apologies for the slightly impulsive introduction. We’re serving up all kinds of empowerment and retail fabulosity in this “Business Woman Special,” and a little roll call felt highly necessary.

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  • Travel Guide: Portugal

    The Rebecca Sanders Wormhole of Envy (brought to you by Deb & Ben Johns trip to Portugal):

    Sunbathing, beaches, fruity drinks, fancy drinks, cold drinks, cold fish, hot lobsters, croquettes, big old baguettes, cool people, jamón serrano, beautiful people, crystal waters, hand-painted tiles, fishnet ceilings, mythological sculptures, rocky coasts, la vida loca, romance, culture, billowing linen, fish, art, antiquity, nostalgia, white sand, Siglo de Oro

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  • Travel Guide: Portland, Maine

    When a destination photo shoot comes a-knockin', ya answer. Rummage through your storage, pull out those Bean boots that highlight your calves just so, and charter the closest moose. Portland, Maine is the obvious choice when you’ve got to shoot the Fall/Winter 2018 Collection featuring a gourmet market story. With a Köppen climate, ample artisanal grocery stores, and the return of one of our top models, Shakara Pittman, you can’t possibly go wrong…Right?

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  • Travel Guide: Savannah + Sewanee

    Shout out to all my G.R.I.T.S.

    Every mile is a memory when you’re in God's country (the south). This May, Deb and I have been compiling our own savory, southern narratives during our respective trips to Savannah, Georgia, and Sewanee, Tennessee. While Deb was on a midnight train to Georgia for a wedding, I headed to my Southern comfort zone and alma mater, the University of the South, for my little brother’s graduation. Lord, we were born ramblin’ women and are back in the District with a southern state of mind (and a little bit chicken fried). So, why don’t y’all giddy up, giddy up and get gone with the wind with us!

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  • Travel Guide: Cape Town

    I hear the drums echoing tonight. But, she hears only whispers of some quiet conversation. She's coming in, 12:30 flight. The moonlit wings reflect the stars that guide me towards salvation. I stopped an old man along the way. Hoping to find some long forgotten words or ancient melodies. He turned to me as if to say, "Hurry boy, it's waiting there for you..." It's gonna take a lot to take me away from YOU. There's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever DO. I bless the rains down in AFRICA.Gonna take some time to do the things we never had…


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  • Travel Guide: L.A.

    Deb’s been on the run, driving in the sun, looking out for number one (That’s you, Gussie Johns!). Little Debbie has left us for the Golden Coast to visit her all-star daughter and fan favorite, Gussie, at USC. She’s been giving us 5-star live updates, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s California, most certainly, “knows how to partay.” And how to eat tacos, apparently. So, like, get back on San Vicente, take it to the 10, then switch over to the 405 North, and let it dump you out to Mulholland, where you belong!

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  • Travel Guide: London

    Ello poppets.

    Deb’s in London now which makes my heart race. “Why?” you ask? Because she could be within meters from a member of One Direction, that’s why. Deb’s doing brilliant stuff, so you won’t want to Brexit until you’ve read more.

    PS. If she were to meet one of them, I’d want it to be Niall...

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  • Travel Guide: Milan

    We’re walkin’ like in a dolce vita…

    Paris was tight, but this time we got it right. Let’s get twisted like a big pot of fusilli and do this Italian thing. After you check in on Deb, please cook a massive pot of ragu, crank some home-made pasta, and bump the amazing playlist from Master of None, Season 2. Arrivederci!

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