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Deb's desk

  • Gifting Horoscopes (Pt. 3)

    PRAISE GAIA, holiday hennys. Venus just dipped out of retrograde and Mercury is bouncing on December 6th, so we can all let go and let December do its holiday thang. This one’s for all you Cancers, Leos, Virgos, and Libras, and boy does Deb have some A-1 gifts to guide you through this month’s charts.

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  • Gifting Horoscopes (Pt. 2)

    November Gifting Horoscopes

    Season’s greetings to some of the most intense, thoughtful, and passionate star signs on the block. We’ve got water, fire, earth, and air on deck, and I’ve got to be honest, these particular gift guides have taken a lot out of me. Each of you are so different and have so much in store for your cosmic holiday season, it took a couple of stiff cups of joe to keep up. So, let’s get jiggy with it, because these ‘scopes aren’t going to unveil themselves!

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  • Gifting Horoscopes (Pt. 1)

    November Gifting Horoscopes

    Hello, holidays, horoscopes, and an array of beautiful excuses to TREAT YOURSELVES. We’re embracing a big, beautiful transition to Scorpio new moon on November 8th by kicking off the spirited season with horoscopes and—duh duh duh!—presents, presents, and more presents. While I’ve been scouring Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone, Deb has been meditating, sage-ing, and shopping for coordinating holiday gifts to leave you absolutely starry-eyed and surprised. Come, my lunar cuties, it’s time to unwrap your star-girl energies…

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  • Deb's Desk: Creative Women in Food & Drink Panel

    Everyone loves food (and Raymond). Boys like food. Girls like food. I like food. We all like food. Nothing brings people together like a great meal (and great drinks), especially on crisp and crunchy fall evenings. At times when the world feels a little freaky, and we all just need a fat glass of vino, or delicious vegan tacos, or Oreo gems, or positive words, there’s only one thing the doctor calls for: a get together with a solid group of gals.

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  • Deb's Desk: London & Milan Spotlights

    The dash a digi' and schedule is busy. Better get ready for Europe with Debbie. It’s time to: Work work work work work work work work work work work work work work work work work. If you don't speak Rebecca after five K-Cups, allow me to translate: Deb's back from the Europe times, and we've got a lot to download. So, sit down, shut it, and swig as much of this style sauce as you can. Ello and arrivederci, babies, it's Milan and London time.

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  • Deb's Desk: Party Prep

    Visualization is, quite literally, what dreams are made of and can be an incredibly useful and entertaining tool, especially when planning a celebration of your own. First we visualize, then we start preparing. And, if there’s anyone who knows how to turn party dreams into realities, it’s lil’ Deb Waterman Johns. She’s hot off the party planning skillet after hosting the 14th Annual Go Bo! rager at her home in Georgetown last weekend. Trust me y'all, hosting is a habit, so you're gonna wanna get like Deb.

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  • Deb's Desk: Dorm Decor

    I’ve never had a “cool room.” Growing up in my Family Home, I wasn’t allowed to tape posters to the walls of my bedroom. My mother said the Scotch tape would make the paint peel and posters were distracting. My bed linens were ivory and beige. Honestly, my room looked like that of a Colonial chambermaid. For example, my dresser was from my grandmother’s collection of glossy, cherry and walnut pieces I didn’t appreciate at the time. I nearly destroyed the varnish when I spilled a bottle of nail polish remover while playing “beauty parlor” one afternoon. Still to this day, at the ripe(ish) age of 26, I keep my room relatively stark with the exception of my pink elephant duvet. All this said domicile decor shouldn't be like this. “Cool,” and practical are not, in fact, mutually exclusive when you have Deb Johns at the helm.

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  • Deb's Desk: Destination Celebration

    Escúchame, chicas. Tengo que decir una cosa.

    Brenda, much like our own DWJ, is a force of magnetic-rock-nature (this geological terminology will make more sense shortly)."But, Who is Brenda??" you're probably wondering. Brenda is Deb's extremely cool friend. “But, why ~Ibitha~?” you ask. Well, Brenda and her betrothed, Gilles, have a vacation home there, and we're going to go visit them (thank you, Brenda). Perhaps you associated the exotic island with EDM music festivals lasting until sunrise and that one Mike Posner song. Holy buckets, even the thought of it makes me sleepy. No te preocupes, dear reader. There is so, so much more to this magical, Mediterranean mass of rose quartz.

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  • Deb's Desk: Summer Fashion

    Hey, style child.

    Summer is a great time to experiment with patterns, new cocktail recipes, and going on blind dates. Today, we’ll be focusing on the new patterns part. Since it’s 9 million degrees out there, everyone is legally authorized to shed their pelts and show a little more skin. It’s the perfect time to dust off your pile of patterns now that they won’t read as dramatic or overbearing. So, Deb selected three, popular patterns for summer that are really easy to mix and match without looking like you got dressed in the pitch black of the witching hour. But, before you mix, you’ve got to stop, collaborate, and listen to DWJ's guide to florals, dots, and stripes.

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  • Deb's Desk: A Fanny Pack Revolutionary Reflects on the Evolution of the Belt Bag

    Hey, fannies.

    In February, the runways of Paris Fashion Week gave a preview of what designers have on the docket for Fall/Winter ‘18. Gucci, for example, held their Fall ‘18 runway show on a set designed to look like an operating room with models casually carrying baby dragons and lifelike replicas of their heads. The invitations were hermetically sealed bags with digital timers inside, ominously counting down to showtime. The whole thing was very Game of Thrones meets Nip/Tuck and leaves us wondering what the heck we’re going to be wearing come fall...

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