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  • 16 Movies You Need to Watch This Summer

    Here at SCOUT headquarters, we are thrilled sunshine is (finally) upon us! After a few beautiful days, we're officially facing unbearably-hot and humid days. And, what's our favorite unbearably-hot and humid summer activity?! Great movie watching, of course! We compiled 16 classic, must-see movies to help you beat the heat:

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  • Meet the Mom's of SCOUT HQ

    We're gearing up for Mother's Day here at headquarters and we wanted to take a moment to introduce some of our moms and the SCOUT bags they can't live without.

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  • The Doors of Georgetown

    Hey, guys! It's Megan reporting the latest from SCOUT HQ! Follow me as I take you behind the scenes of our "Doors of Georgetown" photo shoot.

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  • 'Tis the Season for Giving!

    Each year, our Creative Director + Co-Founder Deb matches hundreds of people in need with friends and businesses around DC who are able to help provide Christmas gifts for their families. Months of preparation go into this project; it’s a truly tireless effort on Deb’s part. Dozens of volunteers gather the weekend before Christmas to pack up cars and drop off the gifts.

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  • The Story Behind the Party

    My group of friends and I recently hosted an engagement dinner for my dear friends Anne and Dave Pulliam. You might know them from their recent feature in September! Anne and Dave are the kind of amazing friends who you can't help but want to celebrate, because they are always...
  • Behind the Scenes: SS16 Photo Shoot

    Every year when the Fall/Winter collection is in full swing, we take a moment to retarget our energy toward the Spring/Summer collection. This moment - a 4-day photo shoot - is a ton of work and a ton of fun. Our marketing geniuses have already outlined what the season's campaign...
  • Meet Wink

    Inspired by some of the industry greats, SCOUT is proud to introduce to you our limited-edition faux textured leather collection. Available in three patterns and marked by our signature bold colors, this collection will add the pop of color your wardrobe has been begging for. Read on to see how...
  • Behind the Scenes of a SCOUT Photo Shoot

    An Interview with SCOUT's Creative Director and Co-Founder, Deb Waterman Johns When Deb decided to form SCOUT with her husband, she brought with her a vast array of color and textile industry knowledge and invaluable experience gained working for Vogue. As Deb puts it, it was the eighties and eighties...
  • Anne's Family Bag

    Meet Anne. She's newly married to a darling man named Dave. She's busy as ever, balancing her work and new family. She has to stay organized and she uses SCOUT to help her do so! Below, to kickoff our three part series "In Search of the Perfect Family Bag," she discusses some...
  • Go Bo 2015: #swagbag

    For this year's Go Bo festivities, one of our classic bags -- the Bagette -- has been reserved as the official swag bag for all of the attendees to grab on their way out. The Bagette is amazing. It folds up incredibly thin and can be stowed easily in the...

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