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Capitol Fun in the Nation's Capital: Georgetown

WHERE TO STAY & EAT: stay at either luxury standby the Ritz-Carlton (below left) or the Four Seasons, both conveniently tucked into seperate outskirt boundaries of Georgetown, the be-all-end all for shopahaulics, window shoppers, fine and casual diners, and spectacular views of the Potomac River... grab coffee and confections at Baked & Wired (below right), Scout HQ's cupcake staple... and, for on-the-go fare, don't miss their cleverly named 'Hippie Crack', the perfect snack of granola and trail mix in an easily travellable pouch; for tasty savory meals, our picks are Pizzeria Paradiso, Cafe Leopold, which is just down and around the corner from Paradiso, and Bourbon Steak, located in the Four Seasons... each restaurant plays up a different genre of cooking, yet all will satisfy and prove a fun dining out experience for you and yours.








WHAT TO SEE & DO: as stated above, Georgetown is, to many, considered a fab and easy shopping destination since its M Street and Wisconsin Avenue are home to stores that meet each person's style needs... on Wisconsin Ave., don't miss ones with nationwide appeal, in particular, Zara, Madewell, and Ralph Lauren; on M St., start at its intersection with 35th and work your way down, stopping into CB2 for homeware, City Sports for sportswear, Relish for a great array of RTW (near Cafe Leopold in shopping drag Cady's Alley), Cusp and Barneys Co-op for a wide selection of designers and their spring/summer collections, Hu's Shoes & partner-store Hu's Wear for day-to-night DC-chic options, and concept store M29 (located next door to the Four Seasons).

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