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Capitol Fun in the Nation's Capital: Dupont Circle

WHERE TO STAY & EAT: Dupont Circle isn't so much a shopping destination as it is the perfect strolling and DC-walking destination... this neighborhood is home to some very chic & quirky locals, so be sure to grab a seat on one of the park benches and stare, girlfriend, stare! stay at the Hotel Madera, another fab outpost from the Kimpton Hotel Group conveniently located near the Circle; next to its fantastic people-watching, Dupont also caters to a wide variety of appetities with its many restaurants that touch on many different cuisines... dine on 'fast food' at either the Shake Shack or BGR: the Burger Joint; for more of a sit-down vibe, indulge at either Bistro du Coin or the Tabard Inn (hint hint: make reservations a couple weeks ahead for the Tabard Inn, it will be so worth it!); for your smaller bites and your pastries, choose Teaism, Hello Cupcake, or the classic Krispy Kreme 









WHAT TO SEE & DO: as you stroll the Circle and the streets of Dupont, you'll quickly notice the number of great independently-owned, smaller shops... pop into Kramer Books for a quick read, a browse, or a perusal within aisles of books in plenty; stop over at Lucky Brand for great jeans and casual summer seperates; bring your stylish eye to Secondi, a vintage store with racks of fab clothes from years past; one of our personal Dupont favorites is the concept & homeware store Tabletop, which showcases fun, funny, and thoroughly chic products from some of the most creative designers (a can't-miss!)

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