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Camp Week: The Quick-Changing Camper... from Sportswear to Streetwear

SPORTS FOR THE DAY: for the ubiquitous sports camper (and knowing a few ourselves), we feel that the most helpful post would be one that tackles the day-to-night change that often takes effect following a rough & tumble day in the summer heat playing your desired sport... bring along SCOUT's Duflex in the now classic SCOUT Signature pattern, which will set off your minimalist look, one that you'll be comfortable in no matter what because a simple style always looks appropriate, whatever the season! we love these fun and functional products below to speed up the process of "hitting the showers"... wash and shampoo with Philosophy's Unconditional Love Bath & Shower Gel, the perfect quick fix; dry tresses with Speedo's Chammyz towel, which has a convenient hook that can attach onto a handle of your Duflex for outside drying; brush with the tried and true brand Mason Pearson's B2 brush; for chic styling and drying, pack Sephora's travel dryer in minimalist black & white leopard print.








GRAND PLANS FOR THE NIGHT: whether or not your coaches have left time for a complete shower-and-change routine, worry not... you're the minimalist style maven who packed her chicest cotton options for a night out with friends and family! the items below pack light and are easy to throw on when you're racing to the car... we love Ralph Lauren's Big Pony Metallic tee for its simple yet statement-making design with a silver sheen; white, chambray, or khaki shorts will pair great with this tee, and one option below is Rugby's Jossline Pincord Short; accessorize with Rugby's men's (hint hint: works on gals, too!) Skull & Bones belt; there may not be a more perfect pair of flats for summer than Bloch's Black & White ballet flats; grand plans for the night should include one of our favorite totes, SCOUT's Grand Plan, shown here in Croc-O-Gator Black & White.

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